Dear Yogis,

Raining at last.  The garden is loving it, I am loving it.  Yesterday I planted beans, dock and a native spinach, so this rain is just perfect.  This is a corner of my kitchen garden.  A bit “Heath Robinson” in build,  but I use everything. No straight lines here. I use old pots  so I can move things around in the frosts and individualise feeds, leftover tree trunks from the last felling I use as retaining walls – these deteriorate and are home to insects and fungi.  I noticed some “very interesting” fungi the other day, and last year the beloved turkey tail fungi emerged as if by magic.

In the photo you can see Zucchinis, potatoes, strawberries, and broad beans just happening.  Radishes are hiding under the foliage as is Lebanese cress.   In other parts of the garden are garlic, onions, chives, and silverbeet… kale is happening, sorrel looks good, and of course the Herb Robert, my go-to greens which grow and help all year.  They are magnificent mulch builders too.


Just in case you had forgotten,  below is the recipe that we have been recommending and taking all through covid.  I always have some frozen and on hand – I think covid is going to be about in the winter, so please keep your immune system up and running – it is your main natural protection.

This mix contains the naturally occurring form of hydroxychloroquinine which is the remedy that Trump took when he got Covid.

Recipe:   3 grapefruit, 2 oranges and one lemon chunked and put in a saucepan with just enough water to cover (the whole entire fruit, nothing taken away nothing added).

Method: Cook slowly until they soften, then use your stick blender to make into a thick soup.  Transfer to your ice block cube maker (BIG CUBES) and freeze,  you can then put a defrosted block of the mix into a glass of WARM water, or soda (I prefer tonic – even warm it tastes good), or a frozen block into hotter water.  The aim is to drink warm, not cold,  and sip during the day (or night), continuously,  so you will need a number of glasses during the day.

Many of my students have used this remedy.  Sipped when you are sweating it out in bed can shorten your suffering considerably we have found, and then taken after you have recovered helps the immune system fight off re-infection.


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