Dear Yogis,

There is always something new to learn – and I am learning to tap dance.  It is like a new language that involves the emotional, physical and the spiritual.  Quite amazing.  I am loving how I feel (apart from aching – especially in the rear end).  To stave off older age it is suggested that to keep the mind in shape that learning a language or musical instrument helps, well this is everything.  Mind,  body and spirit.  You should try it sometime.

ZOOM: Friday 6.45 Tarot Class, Saturday 10.30 Introduction to CCP Course,  Saturday 2pm Tarot/Art Class,  Sunday CCP Study, Monday 6.30 Teacher Training.
STUDIO: Friday Hatha 5.30, Monday 1pm Restorative, Wednesday 5.30 Restorative.

We are starting a new course on the 10th October, and invite you to come to an INFORMATION SESSION ON ZOOM  this Saturday at 10.30.  Email me and I will send you a zoom ID.  If you have ever wanted to be a Death Doula, then this takes your desire a bit further.  This is about being a LIFE AND DEATH DOULA.  Once you graduate, you will be able to be a Funeral Celebrant registered with one of Australia most reputable Association.  You will also be able to add “Narrative Medicine” to your list of skills.

I have always thought of myself as a “Doctor of Narrative Medicine”.  Maybe sometimes my stories seemed superfluous, but they never are.  They kind of get into the mind and work on the subconscious.  I particularly noticed this when I practiced hypnosis.  Trying to influence someone hardly ever worked long term, but using a story and allowing the subconscious to make of it what it will, worked every time.  Sometimes it took a couple of days to work up into the consciousness,  but it always did. Ericksonian Hypnosis method with my own twist.

Therapeutic story telling is magic.  Learning to craft appropriate behaviour changing stories for all ages and all circumstances takes patience, and skill.  I have even helped people stop smoking with the appropriate story.

I am going include this in our next course.  If you have done the last course, or our yoga  teacher training, or you are a hypnotherapist..or a counsellor, then this “magic” will be useful.  

I am available for consultations – on zoom or in the studio.  Tarot/Narrative/Pendulum.. and even Bach flowers can be part on the consult (Bach can be posted).  $85 per session. plus Bach Flower Essences and postage for the essences if required.

Bye the way – if you are buying herbs or oils from me, if you are posting anything for yourself, there is only ONE WAY at the moment EXPRESS.   Sending ordinary post or parcel post could take an indeterminate time, weeks.  The record here is 5 weeks for a package to get between here and Daylesford which is 45 minutes away!! It did arrive!  This all could be a money raising ploy by AustraliaPost, but whatever, you need your post on time.  EXPRESS POST really is express… it works.

MAGNESIUM:  I learned a really good tip at Tap Dancing Class.  My teacher uses Epsom Salts (magnesium),  a cup of crystals in a stocking or sock and massage the body with it as you shower.  It works and it is easy.  I  am now a devotee.

I will see you on the mat, or on zoom