Dear Yogis,

Here is the ID for this morning’s meeting, just in case you lost yours, or want to try it out….  The meeting runs from 10am to 12, so even if you are late, please drop in… It is free if you have paid for the fortnightly meetings.  Used to be monthly, now weekly.  One training, one repeat and so on..

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 828 7619 2920
Passcode: 195744

TAROT:  The world needs more Tarot readers (or as I call myself, Tarot Counsellors).

Not just on the weekends, not just during their spare time — but all day, every day, and with Covid, those tarot readers among you are busy and getting busier.  Counselling especially in this way is approachable and growing in popularity, why? Because Tarot connects us with our highest good, and helps us to heal – the world needs healing right now.

If you really are interested in starting a Tarot business, becoming a Tarot Counsellor, the world needs you. You can find the course on our web site  You can pay for it with PayPal, and even extend the payments with PayPal.  What’s holding you back? Tarot pairs so beautifully with Yoga.  The last class is just continuing onwards (they don’t want to stop learning) and you can join us.  Every week the class comes together, we learn, and share.  It is not just a training, it is a tarot sharing.


My life’s mission is to empower Tarot readers to share their gifts with the world.

I’ll be emailing you a few more times over the next two days – because sometimes we need more than just a gentle nudge to rise to the call.

Will you rise up? Will you grow to  your infinite potential?



Be soft in your practice,
Think of the method as a fine silvery stream,
not a raging waterfall.
Follow the stream, have faith in its course.

It will go its own way,
meandering here, trickling there.
It will find the grooves, the cracks, the crevices.
Just follow it.
Never let it out of your sight.
It will take you.

 – Sheng-Yen