Dear Yogis,

STUDIO YOGA: Monday 1pm, Wednesday, Friday 5.30
ZOOM:  Monday Teacher Training 6.30pm, Tuesday Herbal Workshop/Bach 7.30pm, Friday Tarot 6.45pm

For once the market is working in our favour!! yes it is!  We are yogis, we know how to sit and wait in a productive way, and at the moment, that productive way is to make adjustments to our studios and focus, in areas where people need help.  Most people need help adjusting to empty shelves ongoing at supermarkets, the possibility of fuel shortages further pushing us to an even tighter lockdown, and the anxiety about the various covid variants – I guarantee there are more on the way.  The post office slow downs are a concern for us all, but like everything else, we will manage that as well…

I can wander around my neigbourhood through the parts where natural vegetation is thriving, and collect enough greens for a salad, green smoothie or a veg stew EVERY DAY, no Coles, no shortages and it is free.


THE HERBALISTS WORKSHOP (Tuesdays 7.30pm) will show us how to replace lots of things we need to make our everyday more “tasty” and and doing it more economically.  Remember that your parents/grandparents went through all of this a number of times during wars and the great depression.  We are not at their level, but we are dealing with shortages and having to learn new ways.  My mum even saved string – I am not going there.

I think learning about herbs is important and have emails every day asking me about herb related topics.  Keeping in mind I am not an MD, just a person like you, interested in all things herbal, and having a good track record of results, why would you not learn as much as you can.

A number of older clients who could be worried about alzheimers for themselves, friends or parents, are coming to me about a daily little drink called SOUVENAID from Chemists not Coles.  It seems to be a strong combination of omegas with an emphasis onOmega3.  People who take it say that it really does help if you are wanting to feel sharper,  worried about your memory, or want to get more on top of things.  It costs $21.45 for four little bottles which is about a weeks worth (unless you take it every day).  But if you have the success that others have, then it is a small price perhaps.

“Science is tending to show that life is harmony – a state of being in tune – and that disease is discord”  The original writings of Edward Bach.

See you on the mat.

Namaste. Jahne