Hi there Yogis,

STUDIO: Monday 1pm, Wednesday and Friday 5.30. and OPEN STUDIO Sunday 30th at 12noon to 4pm.
ZOOM: Monday Teacher Training 6.30, Tuesday Herbal Workshop 7.30, Friday Tarot 6.45

OPEN STUDIO: I opened the studio so that you can see my tattoo designs and the artwork I have been doing… Plus in anticipation of your arrival I have new stock of fresh Turkey tail and my Special Oils.  I am potting up a few herbs, and have some very special collectibles available (and for sale) –  even an Elvis Diamante belt from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, a “BABE” Belt from New Orleans, both Vintage, and a Louis Vuitton handbag.  Of course My Fabulous Fungi Prints are also on sale at a very special price (covid rules apply to all who arrive at the studio).

Yesterday evening we had the first of our Herbal Workshops.  The plants we concentrated on were CENTAURY and SCLERANTHUS, both available and flourishing at this time in your garden, flowering,  which is the important point if we are making our own remedies.  We actually spoke in depth about Centaury (there is so much to learn), and only identified scleranthus.  More to come.

CENTAURY  is a bitter plant.  Used for healing since ancient times it is part of the Gentian family.  It was widely used as a tonic plant, which puts down roots in impoverished soil, as does the Centaury personality.  Compact,  with no room for individuality, blending in with the environment.  Its strong roots can penetrate even the worst of soils, even the gravel in the driveway.  It carries within its genes the virtues necessary for carrying out a struggle in order to learn.

Is is lovely once you understand that there can be the link between where CENTAURY chooses to grow and in what kind of environment it flourishes, and understanding that the Centaury personality is the same.

Centaury personality is not good at saying “no”. Continuously working for others leaving no time or energy for themselves.

The Centaury type appeals to the the WATER force, docile flexible and changeable.  A submissive personality. The Kidney’s psyche bestows capacities allows the Centaury personality to have at her disposal, all the elements needed to change..

The Centaury Flower Essence strengthens the kidney.  Once the kidney is more firm, the qualities within its psyche begin to work effortlessly until the response is spontaneous in accordance with Bach’s proposal not to fight against defects. The remedy is not given to change the Centaury person into somethings else, no matter what we do she will always be (over)working and (over)helpful, but the essence will help her to “draw the line” and refuse to jump into the role of servant.

Life can be bitter like the century plant when you neglect to mother yourself.  However, when you unite your body with “abundant splendour” the Spleen/stomach meridian, and use your Bach flower remedy on the acupuncture point instead of just in the mouth,  your body can be fully nourished.  On the mental level this partnership supports your ability to discern when to be in the world and when you need to retreat a little in order to replenish your own energies.  To be “In the world but not of the world”. *The “Abundant Splendour’ channel rises between the the big toe and the next toe and travels up the outside of the Tibia, the acupuncture point we use is about halfway between the ankle and the knee on this meridian.

Century’s lesson is about accepting and working on a wiser benevolence – bringing the aspects of wood and water together to serve oneself and others.

I look forward to seeing more of you at our Tuesday Classes.  Bach Flower Remedies harm no-one.  That was the whole idea of the remedies as Bach designed them – so that every person could take charge of their own lives, and treat themselves, and to take charge efficiently you need knowledge.  This is where this short course will shine for you.

God gives the hard tasks to the people he trusts – the journey is made easier with a friend. (maybe make Bach Remedies your “friends”)

I will see you on zoom and on the mat.

Namaste jahne