Dear Yogis,

In this time of COVID and our lock down, are you standing in the “VALLEY OF OPPORTUNITY”?  or are you in the “VALLEY OF THE VICTIM”?

I was reading the story of David and Goliath.  I am sure you know it.  We are living in the time of the Jewish people, a Biblical story.  A Battle has been waging (as in the Gita).  When David is sent to see what is happening, he reports back to his father Jesse, that NOTHING IS HAPPENING.  There is this giant, Goliath who comes on to the field every day about the same time and intimidates both forces.  Goliath has killed a few warriors, and no-one now wants to challenge him.  They are scared.  They are waiting for someone else to take the trouble away. The call goes out for another champion to face THE GIANT OF COMPLACENCY!  Do you recognise yourself in this story?  Is Covid your Giant? Are you waiting for someone else to help you through this time?

Is this you hoping Your Problem (whatever it is) will be gone, that your problem will go away, that somebody or something will come up with an answer, a remedy, a cure, a pill, a vaccination?  Are you like David – too small, too inexperienced, too short, no armour…? We need a mentality that says I am going to a temporary storm that is preparing me for a great thing to come..  Like David, keep your eyes on what you can’t see, not what you can see.  It is all about FAITH and HEART.

In the story David a young shepherd boy took on the giant.  He was not afraid, he knew what he was, he knew his strength.  He didn’t need validation or permission.  He wanted to face whatever was there head on.  He was patient and faithful to the Spirit, to God in his time on the Battlefield.  He knew his duty.  He didn’t care about the bluster and intimidating antics of the giant.  He didn’t care about history, or what other people said, and he knew that no-one thought that he could win, even the giant laughed – and that was his undoing.

We are told that the giant leaned back as he laughed, his face protection slipped, and David was waiting for that moment, the moment captured in the famous sculpture of David by Michelangelo.  (That moment of Samasthiti – the pose between poses).  David launched a stone from his sling shot and the giant was vanquished.  (The stone hit him in the Third Eye – but that is another yogic story).

Are you ready for your trials? Do you know who you are? Do you know your strengths?

Krsna (God) came to the Battlefield of Life and spoke to Arjuna, who was an ordinary warrior (like you), and showed him/us how to succeed.  It is not just about about slaying the Giant, it is HOW you slay the Giant.  Join us for the Gita Study, and learn about the Giant in your life….

Get around people with dreams – their love, their positive outlook, their victories are highly contagious.