Good morning Yogis,

SATURDAY:  2pm TAROT/ART (we are going to start Botanical Art and Scientific Illustration next week).
SUNDAY: 10am Gita Study – we are starting at the beginning again.


Last nite at class we were swapping notes about how connected channelling,  the pendulum and the tarot are at the moment.  They are RIGHT all the time.  I hope you are speaking you yours.  Keep your little board near you – one in your handbag and near your desk.  It is fabulous to have a friend to talk to in these difficult times.  A friend who knows you.


THE GITA (Our Sunday Morning Class, 10am)

The Gita was taken from the writings called THE MAHABHARATA about a crisis that happened in India thousands of years ago.  Krsna, God came to earth to help his Devotees – Arjuna and others – to restore dharma (justice, law and legitimate rule) here on earth.

In The Gita – a spiritual drama –  we see God in action.

The Gita helps us understand this lesson on three levels
1. Earthly,
2. Cosmic.  The Gita is multi-layered and demonstrates how earth had (has) become a battleground for cosmic struggle.
3. Spiritual.  Krsna comes to awaken all sleeping souls to their eternal nature.


Book for this workshop Saturday 20th February, 10am. $25

“In transporting the breath, the inhalation must be full. When it is full, it has big capacity.  
When it has big capacity it can be extended.  When it is extended it can penetrate downward.  
When it penetrates downward, it will become calmly settled.
When it is calmly settled, it will be strong and firm.  
When it is strong and firm, it will germinate.  
When it germinates it will grow. When it grows, it will retreat upward.  
When it retreats upward, it will reach the top of the head.

The secret power of Providence moves above.
The secret power of the earth moves below.  
He who follows this will live.  He who acts against this will die