Dear Yogis,

I live in the Macedon Ranges.  It has always been a place that attracted spectacular and unusual people.  One of them was a famous “double agent” Laurie Matheson (who brought down Ivanov)  whom the press called “the Australian James Bond”.   He was reputed to be a consummate spy, fabulously wealthy, owning multiple houses here and overseas….  a double agent who was suspected of  working for the Russians and for us.

When he died, his then widow had a sculpture (by Peter Shipperheyn) made of herself.  It is the most heartbreakingly beautiful work and I wish you could come and see it. Interestingly for a double agent, Mathesons’s  body is not under the beautiful partner, but in a lonely grave alongside.

I have been visiting this site for years and it very much reminds me of the relationship shared by Jesus and Mary.  I see the physical representation of a “Sacred Embrace”.  A deep and powerful expression of love experienced beyond death.

In the Bible, as in the newspapers we have to remember that the texts are rarely historical reports of events, but are narratives of those events pushed through the author’s “filters”.  Our culture has the opportunity to welcome the gnostic gospels, bringing to consciousness that which has been so long repressed.

In our study of Mary we are not imagining a sexual union between herself and Jesus.  We are studying the texts.  We know from the current Gospels that Jesus “kissed Mary on the mouth”.  “To kiss” in Hebrew means “to breathe together” to share the same breath or spirit.

Wonder at sexuality is rarely philosophical.

If you would like to join us in this study, we are here on Mondays at 6.30 and Tuesdays at 7.30.  We are examining the old, 1st century writings, and the new texts that came to light in Nag Hammadi, Egypt and Greece,  in the light of 21st century understandings – without the rules imposed by the established church.  These new understandings can enlarge our life.

Please Email me if you would like to join us.  I will send you an ID.

CCP:  FOR THOSE STUDENTS WHO HAVE CONTACTED ME, AND ARE WAITING FOR THE APPLICATION FORMS – This week I am launching the CCP Course (when the WebMaster has OK’d the site on Friday),  and then after that, a FUNERAL CELEBRANTS COURSE.  These are new and different courses you will not be able to access elsewhere.  Each course with a definite yoga and philosophical leaning, using Yoga texts,  the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the gnostic Gospels as our accompanying texts.  

Those students who enrol and pay in cash or a deposit  in the next week (even if they don’t officially start until the official release on the 22nd July) will be able to attend the Sunday morning classes without charge (a $50 gift).

Your yoga studies will put you in a good place to do these two courses.  We anticipate that with an ageing population, and with your yoga studies expanded by these courses you will be in great demand – with new ways to serve your tribe and your greater community.  

Please contact me.

Namaste – Jahne