Dear Yogis,  

Just to let you know, I have had my jab, so when you come to class you will be as safe as it is possible to be at this stage.  I have had an unusual response to this however, when a treasured client of 15 years,  actually ran out of class and down the path,  panicked BECAUSE I had crossed the line and joined those who have been vaccinated. I can only surmise that in some strange way, and following various conspiracy theories,  she feels that I have irreversibly damaged my DNA, and by association, hers.

The America Magazine “Forbes” reports…”Covid-19 vaccines are not gene therapy. Repeat, these vaccines are not gene therapy. In fact, they don’t really involve your genes, unless Gene Simmons or Gene Hackman happen to be getting the vaccines,  Or you accidentally drop the vaccines on your jeans and then misspell the word jeans”.  A bit flip I know, but there are pages and pages of well respected science outlining  exactly what the jab is – which I will leave you to read/google if you are interested.  It is NOT a conspiracy, except a conspiracy to wellness.Q

If you are vaccinated or not,  you are welcome in my classes as long as you are adhering to the covid guidelines. The QCode, the masks and distancing.

I did not think I would get the jab, but when I tallied up the science and  current feedback (especially the party in Sydney where the only party goers who did NOT test positive were those 6 who were vaccinated), I decided to join the group.  My children, my family and my sister (and the majority of my students) have all had it and some time ago – I am almost the last I think.

My reason for being on earth is to serve.  I can’t serve if the people I need to serve, can’t open their doors to me because I refuse to be vaccinated..  I also did not want to live my life in fear.  Fear of the jab, fear of contracting covid, fear of passing covid on, fear of not being able to be with my community.. I am sure there are others fears.  Maybe fear is too strong word, but whatever it is, I am not buying in to fear.  Are you?

When my mum was a little girl,  scarlet fever (which is now on the rise), was as rampant in the community as Covid is today although it was country-wide and not international.  The spread widened and grew as people travelled, and commerce became more far ranging.

The science was not as good as now, and some time later it was discovered my mum was the carrier in her village.  She felt fabulous – no symptoms – but she infected hundreds of people, and had to go into a long quarantine which was the only defence at that time, antibiotics still not generally accepted or available.  That feeling of contagion and abandonment stayed with her into adult life.

However, re covid – your decision is your decision, I can’t make it for you.  I can say that as this situation changes and morphs,  as it will going forward my CCP GRADUATES will be in great demand.  If like me you want to go into aged care homes, hospitals etc – sorry to say, you will need your jab.  It will not be optional and certainly if you want to travel you will need your “vaccination passport”.  

However, if you are opposed, you can work unsupported outside the system.  There are always some who will. It will be a very small world for you, is this what you want?

I look forward to hearing from you.