Dear Yogis,


FRIDAY:  11am YOGA ZOOM CAFE.  This is just a community of women – we all need community during covid. Everyone welcome.  Email me for an ID.
FRIDAY: 5.30 RESTORATIVE YOGA and 6.45 FREE PENDULUM CLASS.  We are working on making a pendulum Board.  Making a Pendulum comes next.  My new board just loves the pendulum I made to go with it – and using it throughout the painting was so fantastic.  I used it to know what to do next, when to add, and importantly WHEN TO STOP.  At the end I was calm, happy and just felt so connected.  Peaceful. And the Board was happy.  The photo to the left is where I  started with the Board.  It looks different now.



Keeping in mind that some of you don’t know about the “Gospel of Mary” (A Gnostic Gospel) – A biblical text which along with others was excluded from the Bible when it was first compiled by The Emperor Constantine advised by King Herod no doubt.  Probably in her case,  on the basis that a woman’s voice couldn’t be heard.

Mary Magdalen’s gospel starts with missing pages – six missing pages.  This is the voice of a woman that we can’t ask, can’t get back.  I wonder what was so incendiary on the first six pages that they had to be destroyed?  Her gospel starts on page seven.    The number is significant, and occurs many times through her Gospel.  The Seven Stages we have to go through, the seven powers we have to confront within ourselves to reach the heart and get past the ego and reveal the infinite within us.  An Interesting correlation to the chakras, which Christ makes also within this Gospel, although they are not called Chakras but “Powers”. In the Story of Samson and Delilah they are called “Locks”.

Three copies of her gospel have been discovered – two in Greek and one in Coptic.  Each of them has these pages missing plus four in the middle. I believe that these pages refer to the question Mary asks of Jesus “So, now, Lord, does a person who sees a vision see it with the soul or the spirit?”  We do have the start of the answer     “The Saviour answered, ‘A person does not see with the soul or with the spirit.  Rather the mind, which exists between the two, sees the vision and that is what…..”  

We can’t recover the lost pages, but Last nite as I put the finishing touches to my new pendulum board (which I will reveal for the first time to my free class this evening at 6.45, together with the amazing bone pendant its partner), I thought about the words of Mary Magdalen  “the work we are being called upon to do here is to clothe ourselves with the perfect Human”  This means that we have to do the work which causes us to remember again and again with great ease this experience of self as also a soul.  This soul of love that loves through us. (Above, the photo shows my incomplete MAGDALEN TAROT).

The soul that whispers “come to me all who are heavy laden, and I will give you peace”.

When I paint or create I speak from this place that is otherwise hidden from me, and use a voice that is more than my own.

I believe that when I am (when WE are)  painting and creating I become a voice in the service of love.  When I work from this place, heart can speak to heart directly.  Those who have “two ears” (Her words),  can hear this voice and can understand.  It’s our work to do what we can to remember the soul, to remember the love that is at the heart of how we heal.

We are not perfect.  The point is to constantly arrive, for some of us with each breath.  We constantly return to love.  It is actually right here.  Within.  Our own private heaven.  If like Mary magdalen you can listen to the silence inside of you, hear what love wants you to say and do, then no-one outside of you can ever silence you again.  “I will teach you what is hidden from you”   The Gospel of Mary 6:3