Dear Yogis,


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PENDULUM:  Did you miss seeing my new WOLF Pendulum Board and its brother pendulum at class last nite? I just love it.  We will be working on these boards and pendulums again today at 2pm class.   If you want a copy of this board,  I will put it on Etsy and in the store as soon as I get it printed.  This time I will print – small, medium and large.  AND I will bring it to the Saturday pendulum/Tarot class “Show and Tell” time.

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I remember having one of the very few  man-to-man conversations with my mum (before she died – I have plenty now).  She usually delivered a speech about how things should be, and how I had fallen short, but that is another story.

At the time of this conversation,  I was trying to answer a phone call, adjust the clunky old computer to match, cut vegetables for dinner, and deal with two hungry children.   Mum asked me what I would really like to be, I wanted to say “HELPFUL” just in case it would prompt her to ask if she could help, but I resisted.  I said “One day I would like to be a simple home-body”, and she said,  smiling at me “One day would be about as much as you could stand.   I was so annoyed.  How could she say that – but guess what, she was right on the money.  I might have been hassled, but really, I designed my life and I loved it, just as I do now.  If I didn’t love it I would change it.  I couldn’t and I can’t do the home-body thing.  More than that, I have no inclination to do it at all.

Sometimes a man will come along,  pulled in,  not by me,  but by the feeling they say of calmness they feel around me which I attribute to years of yoga and meditation.  They think it is attraction.  It is not.  They might fall in love with who they think I am, however, I fall in love with a person that can’t be seen with the eyes, only sensed.  An amazing mind can make me swoon a little, and can even spark up a conversation, but really, it’s the heart and soul of a person that attracts me, makes me breathe deeply. My own source is “within”.  I fall in love with a person’s (usually broken) heart.

I am very careful about someone who wants to change me or wants to make me like them.  I never now am deaf to what my inner voice has to say – if I ignore it, then what happens is my fault. Let me say this right now, I have learned from Mary Magdalen we do not give away any of our power to anyone EVER.

We don’t have to compromise and settle for a version of ourselves that is “almost” us.  We don’t have to settle for a truth we don’t believe in, for instance when someone is telling us there is a better way to be human (they mean NORMAL  – whatever that is). We don’t have to fit in and be moulded to a shape that was never meant to fit us.

Isn’t that the most fabulous realisation you could ever have?  You don’t have to fit in! YOU ARE PERFECT JUST AS YOU ARE.