Dear Yogis,

Eckart Tolle once famously said, “Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there.'” and as Hans Selye (and many others) said, “”It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it”.” 

Stress is definitely a multi-layered challenge for everyone. Specifically, how we process stress, react to stress, and anticipate stress plays a direct role in how we feel each and every day – our personal WELLNESS.  Nothing is more important to acknowledge during this time of Covid.  Even if we are managing “well”, managing our own health, the stress of everyone around us even those at the supermarket, and those in our community who are feeling stress, can effect us to come degree.

There is a level of stress in the air, I am sure you have felt it.  That is why yoga, Bach Therapies, the “Ion Cleanse”, and any of the therapies that we practise to relieve stress, are particularly valuable at this time.  I am noticing clients whose muscles are tensing up, freezing from continued tension.  You will not be able to relieve this tension by forcing anything – but by “asking” the muscles to relax. Giving them kind (non-verbal) encouragement, space and time.  It is the only way.



Her home is (or was) in Bridgetown WA, which over this weekend has been in the line of the latest WA Wild Fires.   all communication in the town is suspended, so if you do try to contact it may be difficult especially as friends and relatives will be trying to reach out.  I have emailed and messaged her….    and she replied this Sunday afternoon, it hadn’t yet started raining, and they still have their house, but as you know everything can change with a wind change.

Right now there is nothing much that we can do except pray for her, put her on our meditation or prayer chains.   It was supposed to rain late Sunday, which would have helped.  It looked very frightening from the news crews on site.  She was talking about moving house, but I don’t think that this was what she had in mind.  It is (as I know from personal experience) when seen positively, an opportunity for great change.

These opportunities for growth (massive growth), is what we train for, the reason we learn the Gita (remember your class this evening, Monday at 6.30) I am sure she will cope remarkably well at the front of the “battle”, but she will need our help in the weeks ahead, even if her house has been saved.  Fire is a formidable enemy and dealing with it comes as a devastating psychic shock, most felt after the fire-front has passed.  Luckily, to this point,  her house has been saved – I am sure that this is so she can support her community.  She is a true yogi who knows she is here to serve, and with a house when many have lost theirs there are more opportunities to share.  The really hard time energetically comes after the fire as we deal with the psychic fallout, and day to day support of people in crisis.

Please keep her in your prayers.  Thank you for those who have contacted me (and who have reached out to Jaala).


ZOOM: According to zoom, this is the 5th week (end of the month – we started on the 10th Jan) for most of you – please check your diary. If this is your first session for the next “month”, please pay on the home page and click on Pay via PayPal.  

When we deal with crises as above we understand the reasons we were given The ‘Gita – Life is a battlefield.  God knows how the battle has played out – it is about how we deal with the situation this time that is important.

Monday 6.30 (Gita – not recorded).  Tuesday 7.30. Herbalist Workshop.  Because the herbs do not rely on conversations between us, (conversation enhances any experience) I am going to learn how to more effectively RECORD the Herbal Workshop, then you can access it whenever you want to once you are a member of the group.  FRIDAY 6.45 TAROT (Recording not possible for this)

STUDIO YOGA: Monday 1pm, Wednesday and Friday 5.30.


RECLAIM LOVE – “Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself. Love Yourself” – Fall Deeply in Love… WITH YOURSELF … LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOURSELF.