This is not just a set of cards.. it is a course.  a complete course.  It includes three two hours sessions with me, the author after which you will be able to start reading fro yourself and for others.  It is a certificate course, and you can build on it with additional classes… it is up to you.  This a course developed to build on your intuitive skills.  You will not need an academic training.

These cards add a new dimension to your reading whether you use them alone, or with your pendulum and The Revelation Tarot.  They all can be used together.  You have used the “REVELATION TAROT” with the “GATE AND GUARDIANS” and now we have added the TEA LEAF READING CARDS.  Now you can take these cards wherever you go, no tea, no tea leaves… you only need the cards.


Say goodby to messy teapot and tea leaves, cups and saucer.  These will change the way you read tea leaves…These are the new TEA LEAF READING CARDS.  The cost includes postage.  Can fit beautifully into your hand, handbag or purse (about the same size as a DVD and they are packed in a beautiful felt pouch.

They will be available in September as Covid has delayed their printing.

Additional information

Weight .120 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × .05 cm