Hi Guys,

Sorry to inundate you with emails, but this is a very short one about hypermobility and Prince Harry.

I don’t know if any of you watched the special WARRIOR PRINCE on the TV, but I found myself doing that.  I was intrigued when I saw how many little “flags” registered with me showing that Harry was hypermobile.  If it runs again, have a look.  When he is on parade his neck arches in a very peculiar way and at a far greater acute angle than any of his fellow officers – his fingers are double jointed – he had trouble at school learning and in exams,  hence the love of the army which is very practical “doing” rather than thinking thing.  He has no boundaries physical or personal and throws himself into things…He suffers with anxiety, depression, maybe dealing with addiction….  yes, he lost his mum, but he had this long before that.  He is a very typical hypermobile person, and being a Royal,  probably has a lot of medical and psychological intervention which does nothing much.

I possibly would have picked up more, but I only started concentrating when I saw the neck angle.

If only I could have him in a yoga class.  Come to The Carrington in Shepparton between 2 and 4 on Sunday to learn more.  It is exactly what we will be dealing with.

Namaste.  Jahne