I keep on bringing this to your attention…

The GREAT BELL CHANT, by Thitch Nat Hahn.




I was in Shepparton delivering a Masterclass in THE YOGA OF HEMP, at the beautiful Carrington Hotel..  Bringing together the ECS, the CSF, and Hemp.  How we can better understand the collagen mutation at the heart of the problem, and how ECS explains this, and how hemp can help. It was a great class.  If you want to the gist of what we discussed you will find it in the book THE YOGA OF HEMP, which as usual is on

Our Yoga Community is an amazing place to learn and meet others who have the same interests, and the masterclasses and teacher Training are the opportunity to do this. There is so much information, and the classes are so in depth. It is just what you need to give you the confidence to teach professionally.  We are a family – you are not on your own.


OUR (BECOMING REGULAR) STUDENT LUNCH: Talking about being on your own…. If you would like to join us on this Friday 12.30 at the Mt.Macedon Hotel (just up from The Trading Post), please do.  Last time was great fun.  We have the long table in front of a beautiful open fire.  The lunch (depending on your appetite) costs about $22.00 so not only is it fun, supports those girls who don’t regularly get out for lunch (include me in that) , it also supports our community.  I would like it to become really regular, and for quite a few to join in.  Let me know if you would like to come (I need to know approximate numbers).


SCHOOL HOLS:  Start this Saturday (last class).  First class in new term Saturday July 13th.  You will find the details in CLASSES above.


NEXT TEACHER TRAINING CLASS: First Sunday in July between 2pm and 4pm at the Studio.  Please park on the while gravel.  All welcome. Students $20 Visitors $30. Diarise it today.  For Bendigo and others look in CLASSES above.


RESTORATIVE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING STUDIO COURSE:  Announcing shortly on-line and in YOGA JOURNAL.  You can let me know if you are interested, and i will keep you in the loop.  In this course, as well as the usual; you restorative subjects,  we will be looking at The Yoga of hemp, and how the EndoCannabinoid system fits in so beautifully in boosting the collagen mutations of Hypermobility.  An elegant solution that fits our Restorative yoga so beautifully.


REGISTRATION:  Please check that you are Registered at the right level, and the dates are current. (Insurance and videos and first aid requirements).  Please don’t try and register on-line.  Contact me personally by email.


ANY QUESTIONS (I hope so): Please email me at


Love and Blessings