Hi there Guys,

Yesterday was my day off and I had time to think…This is the result!!!

Another reminder.  Please, please check that you are registered, and check that you are insured at the right level.

If you have bought an on line insurance without registering with us first (perhaps to save money), make sure that you are registered and insured at the right level.  If you are not graduated and are registered as graduated then if there was a claim, there is a possibility that you would not be covered.  You would not have told the truth on your application for insurance.  This would cost you a whole lot more than you perhaps had anticipated in the beginning.

Your videos.  The subscriptions only are for one year.  If you plan it properly that is all you should need, but that is up to you.  If you have not planned, and you still need contact hours, then please get your subscription up to date.  If you only have a few hours to make up, use the free videos on the youtube channel.  When you watch them, log them just like you do when you watch the teacher training videos.  It could make up the shortfall.

And don’t forget Shepparton this Sunday at The Carrington between 2 and 4pm.  The subject is THE YOGA OF HEMP – covering the endocannabinoid system, hypermobility and restorative yoga. It is going to be packed.  Bring a pen and paper (and a friend).  Cost for 2 hours packed with information $20.


Namaste.  Jahne