Dear Yogis,

Here I am on my day off, still in my PJ’s on the computer.  Nothing changes really… except I have learned to not rush at the day, hence the early morning relaxed mode.

Yesterday was the first day of the new regime. I had yoga classes, and I have to remind EVERYONE that new rules apply to EVERYONE.  You have to bring your own gear, sanitise your hands, and generally take all care.

If you don’t believe in Covid, then that is your business, but if you come to class YOU MUST care enough for others to follow the rules.  We are not asking you to change your belief system, we are asking you to CARE for everyone in the class enough to put your beliefs aside for the time of the class.

I hope that all teachers who are welcoming their clients back even on a limited basis, to be vigilant for the sake of the class.  If one of the class has a cold, has a temperature, any or all of the things we are told to watch for, or has come without their own gear,  we must ask them to leave.  This is a virus, and for the moment we must be super serious.  The virus doesn’t care if we believe in it or not – it just IS.

Regularly visit the web site for any updates.  I am following YOGA AUSTRALIA guidelines.

It goes without saying the classes were lovely. There are only three persons allowed, but they REALLY love their yoga, and they really appreciate the class.  What would we do without our yoga?

I can’t responsibly massage, but I can do BOWEN (PPT) MASSAGE especially if I do it the “Tom Bowen way”. He rarely did the usual one hour sessions – clients sometimes had only 10 minute sessions.  This makes enormous sense because if a person comes in with a problem,  following Bowen it is best to do short sessions three days apart, than one big session.  It also is perfect at this time, because, short sessions, fully clothed are certainly recommended in a Covid environment.

Tom Bowen was a healer, not a technician, and saw a remarkable number of persons per day.  Mostly by donation or free if they couldn’t afford to pay.  He only taught six students his technique, and said at the time that he understood they would do it filtered through the techniques they were trained in (ie osteopathy, chiropractic etc.).  He realised that none of them would trust the Universe enough to be able to do the method as he did.  Those people whom he “trained” (actually they watched him work he didn’t train them per se), have gone on to teach many, but always as a technical, physical manipulation technique.  That is not how I do it.  I try to be true to the spirit of  Tom Bowen’s therapy.

I received my certification in 1986 and have been using the technique ever since.  It takes a lot of trust to do it as Tom did, and it suitable for physical problems, aches and pains, stuckedness, spiritual, emotional and unresolved issues…. If you would like to experience Bowen my way I am taking clients Mon. Tues. Wed. Fri. from 9 to 12 noon by appointment. The cost is $25 and the session will be a maximum of half an hour – guided by spirit.

I look forward to seeing you at class, and/or at Teacher Training.  Don’t forget the cancelled Tarot Reading class (due to Covid), is back on  – the 1st Saturday in June…2pm to 4pm.