Dear Yogis,

There is so much going through my mind this morning.   I have been catching up with people on FB (not something I usually do), but I am learning.

REMEMBER THIS:  “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy”. 


ZOOM: Tonite: 6.30 Mary Magdalen (Free).  Tuesday: Mary Magdalen 7.30, Friday: Tarot 6.45pm (email if you want to join, it is free and we will do a card or two a night depending on how things go).  Sunday 10am:  The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying (suggested for CCP training).
No ZOOM YOGA by popular request.  All waiting for Studio.

YOGA STUDIO CLASSES:  Wednesday: 1pm (replaces Monday 1pm),  Wednesday:  5.30pm and Friday: 5.30.
CCP LAUNCH THURSDAY 22ND, 12 noon:  Not sure how this will go.  If Lock-Down over we will be meeting at the studio for a “MaryMagdalen” Lunch.  If lock down in force we will zoom it.  Please let me know if you will be available for zoom.

I am getting a lot of support, which will translate into support for you when you have done the course.  You can follow in my footsteps in your community to open doors for you.  Of course, everyone is different and you all have multiple interests and qualifications – you will all want to work and specialise in different areas…    I will be looking for people in my area or close by who would like to intern to get their case studies done for the course.  Not just with the dying, but those who are housebound, and even with animals…

If you would like to support someone into the course who can’t afford to do it, please donate (use the donate button on the site  If you want to do the course but can’t afford it, then let us know and I will try to organise a PART scholarship for you.  Please, if this is you, Email me:

If you enrol and pay (even the deposit) on Thursday or before, I will send you an E-copy of THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK free of charge.  This little book will help you get all your admin in one place, or you could also use it to help one of your CCP Clients to tidy up their lives.  Getting things organised (stuff or admin) can be so disturbing it can push people who don’t know how to cope, over the edge.  Something that is simple for you or me, may not be simple for others.  This book even details funeral arrangements – who thinks about that? Hardly anyone, but someone has to.  It could be you.

In Studying The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying in preparation for CCP,  we have been exploring the thought that PEACE AND NON-PEACE CAN’T EXIST IN THE SAME SPACE.  In the CCP course we learn that a change of perception equals a change of behaviour.  For CCP we do not need any equipment – only our consciousness.

Working with gratitude builds a co-operative spirit.  Acknowledgement minus judgement, minus thinking and feeling equals new action and new behaviour patterns… even at end of life.  As soon as our action change, fear drops – then the client and the practitioner can just let go (and let God – or as Mary calls it “The Good”).  


I look forward to working with you.  See you on the mat.

Namaste. JAHNE