Dear Yogis,

Main news is our lunch today.  If you want to join us – 1pm at The Victoria in Woodend.  

It is going to be a beautiful day, and this afternoon (after the lunch) I will get into the garden.  I am going to press every Bach flower I have and then frame them all.  I think it will be a good exercise.


As we live through this period of overindulgence, and as you snooze on the couch after eating far too much, keep in mind that the gut goes through its own version of REM sleep, known as RGM (rapid gut movement).  Approximately every 90 minutes whilst you sleep,  the gut goes through RGM.  It is suggested that this is when the gut and head communicate.  Based on this, it is not such a big leap to believe that this is when gut wisdom  can surface into consciousness.  As yogis we have always believed –  dreams contain messages from the gut and the heart.  I love to imagine that in my sleep the gut and the brain are communicating.

I will see you on the mat (soon).