Dear Yogis,

I missed yesterdays newsletter – but I have rarely been this busy at Christmas – everyone wants to come around and visit or take me out.  I am reminded of my friend Annie who used to time her days around Christmas in 15 minute increments.  A quick hello, a mince pie, and a sip of champers then she was off to the next thing.  I never understood, but now I do!


At this time of over indulgence,  we should be keeping our GUT in mind.  It is one of our THREE BRAINS – head, heart and gut.  They all have brain cells, all “think”, each communicates with the other.  Donald Trump (not my favourite person in the world),  said “Experience has taught me a few things, One is to listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper”.  The gut communicates to the head via tastes.

The gut is not just the last stop on the way to evacuation, it is a place where food is made useable, a signalling station that keeps the body in tune with what’s about to happen.  The gut and the brain are wired together by the vagus nerve which runs from the brain to the internal organs.  In addition the gut has its own nervous system that is relatively independent.  So the communication between the gut and the adult brain is bi-directional, and changes in the gut are signalled directly to the brain.

In Japan there is a word HARAGEI which loosely translated means “stomach art”.  It is the practice of using visceral communication.  It is beyond logic.  it is about instinct, courage and wisdom.  They say to practice haragei you must learn to breathe correctly.  It is learned in silence.


Our classes have finished for the year.  We start again on Monday the 9th January with the usual 1pm and then 2pm classes and then onwards through the week.

MONDAY THE 19TH DECEMBER is our Yoga Luncheon. 1pm at the Victoria Hotel in Woodend.  If you haven’t booked with me, please do so NOW.

See you on the mat