Dear Yogis,

Here I am at the end of another fabulous week.
 Yesterday on my day off, I went to the library, spent way too long in the garden – but it is looking good and I have HOPS for the very first time….I harvested a heap of Kipfler potatoes, planted elephant garlic, and I am going to explore vegan recipes from the Middle East.  Australian vegan is pretty boring and bland (and the desserts are freezer needy,  “drippy” ie if you have warm fingers they run down your arm).  So watch this space.  Tonite I am having Lebanese Bread Salad plus chopped chives served with a Tahini lemon dressing (photo to right – result, scrumptious!).  I would have liked some Potato Kibbeh, but I am out of bulgur and you can’t really substitute.

FRIDAY 6.45 Our fantastic Pendulum Class.  I have been sitting with my guides and asking about Past Life work, and the answers I have been getting are surprising.  You’ll have to come to class to find out!
SATURDAY 2pm.  This is the once-a-month studio class where we add the finishing touches to our projects.  So there will not be a zoom class at this time this week.  Zoom starts again next Saturday at 2pm as usual.  The studio class will also have the opportunity to see the new ANGELS I have been working on – a few false starts, but now I am into it!
SUNDAY 10am:  This time of the week is especially reserved for our GITA STUDY GROUP.  Our second time through this wonderful text.  It was good enough for Ghandi (who read it every day of his life we are told), so it is certainly something we can learn from.


I think personal style is important.  Fashion is not important, brand names are not important, tanning, six packs,  false fingernails, eyelashes and hair are definitely not important.. As Ella Fitzgerald sang “It aint what you do it’s the way that you do it”.  For the thrifty (or we may say frugal) then the op shop is the place to shop..Swaps with friends are always good too.  This is where most of my clothes come from – we used to have monthly swaps at the studio but I haven’t done this for a long time.

I can manifest which is a blessing, but it can also mean you end up with a closet chock full of things you may never wear more than once.   I have put a picture of Gracie here, because she is always on trend.

Some folk couldn’t care a toss for how they look, and may not even glance in the mirror from one day to the next, but this is not me.  I find that nurturing this level of what my mum would have called “discipline” adds vitality and sauce to my life.   I get compliments which at my age is pretty terrific.  The years of yoga have added to my enjoyment of my “selfdom”.

Seeing that I am put together well also makes my community  feel that I am on top of things, which is good because I think I am my own artwork and an advertisement for what I teach.  How I look reflects what I am doing….  If I hosted a class looking like I didn’t care, my students would worry.  They would think I was loosing the plot – and I would be.  If I didn’t look well and happy how could I (or  they) be confident in what I teach?

How do you feel about how you look when there is just you – nothing added.  Naked. Looking in the bathroom mirror?  Do you say “you are looking great this morning?” or do you say “You are looking fabulous this morning?” or do you just not look?

Clothes are important, but even more important is how you feel about yourself.  Do you love yourself? Are you bored with what you do? Do you drag yourself through the day?  Do you dress for yourself, or to please someone else?  This attitude would make anything you wear forgettable.   Being happy no matter what is happening in your life, knowing that you are always loved and cared for by God, a straight back, a confident easy walk, a mouth that doesn’t slump downwards and a “twinkle” in your eyes is essential.  Nothing you wear, no matter how expensive, looks good without these essentials,  and you can’t get a pill to help (well, I suppose you can, but the effect doesn’t last, and in the end what you have is a mirage).  Invest in yoga, invest in yourself, and the rest will happen for you.


Meet me on the Mat,