Good morning Yogis,

Monday and Tuesdays zoom – The Breath and Rumi were great and we had some new students join us from across the country. Thank you for those who consistently arrive.  Yoga is all about “doing the practice consistently ( – not just the asanas).   I hope that more of you can join as the weeks progress.  We are not stopping our zoom sessions, and if you have something that you need  to explore with us, please let me know – I am open to suggestions for later in the year.

The PENDULUM CLASSES are especially popular, and I am updating the course we have on Etsy to make it a professional course, with a book.  You will be amazed about the history of pendulum use dating way back to the Egyptians.  In China and Europe, pendulum use was taken especially seriously and it has been used to solve crimes, in healing and the pendulum formed the beginnings of what we now know as FENG SHUI.  It is not a casual fun thing… it can help in diagnosis, in counselling, in therapies.  In knowing how to use it professionally you will be able to link in with these amazing energies.  It is not hocus-pocus.

Join us at the 6.45 FREE FRIDAYS Pendulum Class.  I will need you to email me so I can send you an ID.