Dear Yogis,
I had a fantastic Christmas – the best in a very long time and I hope you did too.  Although I said I was going to let it drift past, my students and friends had a different idea, and I have been welcoming folk into my home all weekend. And it hasn’t finished – there is still some fabulousness left this week.  Thank you everyone – I have loved it.
Welcome to Your New Years Resolution…….Have you made a list? Have you been meditating about your life during 2021 and connecting with your intuition on how you want to be the best version of yourself this upcoming year of 2022?

If our Institute, and our courses are part of your 2022 vision,  we are here to support you in following your passion and maintaining a high vibration! We have the ultimate support system to take your YOGA career to the next level!  
We all need to up-skill and most importantly DIVERSIFY.  The Compassionate Companions Project new class starts in January – I have been listening to Radio National over the break and there have been programs about the work that we introduce to you in this course.  In the time of covid,  carers and Death (life) Doulas are needed, and will be more in demand as the usual support systems wither away.   There is the BACH THERAPY Training which will prepare you to help your family friends and community with Bach remedies.  The most simple and comprehensive energy healing.   As well we have the usual Yoga Teacher Training and studio classes all starting from the 10th January… so you still have couple of weeks to get all your plans organised…  Email me to find out more: or look at the CCP website –

This morning I was meditating and was taken right away into a project I am working on at the moment and I saw it all laid out before me in its various steps, so whilst I can’t see the end, I will walk forward into this vision – it will play out as I move forward.  It was one of those meditations that is a whole life, not just a dream state.

What was it? – the FUNGI.  I have finished step one, the first set of drawings and the poster.  Step two is a second poster which then leads into a set of inspiration cards with the drawings from both posters.. along the way a set of greeting cards of MAGIC MUSHROOMS also taken from the posters….  Yesterday I started the inspirational verses for the back of the cards – I managed 24, but that is just the start, they all have to be “arted up”.  Getting the words right is important, I will have to do a whole lot more than 24, but it is something that I enjoy.  The A3 poster (which you can see on the right) can be purchased from, and I can send it to you in a tube EXPRESS POST ready to frame – NO FOLDS like in the photo to the right.

Get to it yoga students and friends.  

There is lots to do.  “Today (as they say) is the first day of the rest of your life”.  Don’t waste it. Make this year really count.  Even if you don’t feel you have the time, the space, or whatever… just start.  Imagine it and you will achieve it.  Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.  I have the words FAITH and LOVE tattoo’d on my thumb… just so I will remember both.  There is no room on the thumb for the word “listen” which is another virtue I need to know more about.  I do have a pendant charm of an Elephant on my bracelet – small mouth, big ears!  A reminder.
I look forward to seeing you on zoom, on the mat or in the tattoo room.