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OUR NEW SITE   I am sure you have seen our new WEB SITE, same name  It is beautiful.  Times, dates etc etc.  You will find them all there.


REHABILITATION/RECOVERY.  You may not have focussed on the fact that this is my specialty area, and seeing that statistics are telling us that 60% of the population are addicted.  Prescription drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and of course “recreational” addictions… Given those statistics, you will know someone who needs help to change.  WE can help.  I have been teaching into this area for ten years.  If you know someone who needs our help, please get them to contact me. Many people get into Government Rehabilitation and Recovery Centres but they are underfunded and overcrowded, or Private facilities which are for the few who can afford it… Maybe there is a third way.  Yoga classes, meditation, philosophy and email classes leading to  certificate of achievement.    May be a longer term commitment, but it has an excellent chance of actually working in the long term.

Or maybe you would like to work in this area.  Once again, we can help.  Please contact me.


ZEN YOGA STRETCH.  Don’t be put off with the rigour of some classes elsewhere.  Ours are gentle if you need gentle, and we can step your asanas up if you are ready for more advanced moves. Or you can choose the Restorative Classes.  They maybe your entry point.  They are the “Fountain of Youth”.

Cost: $20 per class or $135 for 10 CONSECUTIVE classes. OR $210 for AN UNLIMITED MONTHLY CLASS PASS.

Monday: 6.30pm Yoga with Nic

Tuesday:  6.30pm Zen Yoga at Bentinck

Wednesday: 5.30pm Restorative Yoga, 6.30pm Zen Hatha Yoga


Saturday: 10am Yoga and 12.30 Restorative at Home Studio

Sunday: 5pm Yoga.

Relax and stretch in a strong but gentle routine. With less stress in your mind, and less tension in your body – you can’t help but have a great day, a great life! We need reasonable FLEXIBILITY, a good RANGE OF MOTION, and MUSCULAR STABILITY. Class requirement- comfortable clothing to move in, and a mind and body ready for change. Stable posture moved by strong flexible muscles around smooth and pliable joints means you will enjoy a younger, stronger, more energetic and alert, you. Join us this week… These classes are suitable for any fitness or flexibility. It is about where your mind is as much as where your body is. Eat, Move, breathe and LIVE – wonderfully…… The first steps towards your fantastic new life. No need to book, no need to bring anything except you. Join us. If you commit to a weekly class, then you have to admit the cost is minimal.



You have been with us long enough to know Jahne is not just a yoga teacher, but also an accomplished artist with more than 60 art shows around the world to her credit.

On the 27th of May Jahne will be exhibiting at REDS Restaurant in Woodend.

From 2pm to 4pm in order to raise funds for The GitaJaia Yoga Foundation – and this year, monies raised will go towards helping teach yoga to people in recovery from addiction and life trauma. It is life saving and life affirming. It works. For details go to






Postal Address: PO Box 14, Mt.Macedon.Vic.3441


Director: Jahne Hope-Williams. The Australasian Yoga Institute. Email: Web: