I don’t know how many of you would lie in bed at nigh dreaming of rehab and recovery yoga – but I have been.

Once I learned that the statistics for drug addiction are huge and rising it “sharpened my pencil” so to speak.

When I was a “child of the 60’s” drug addiction was running at under 2% (some have said .01%, but that has to be confirmed).  Lets say 2%.  Now, today, 60% of the population is addicted to something.  Not just hard drugs, but alcohol, nicotine, prescription drugs, over the counter pain killers.. etc etc.  You can’t just fix one thing…  hence my program (and lectures) DRUGS, YOGA and SPIRITUALITY are hugely important.  Each part is important, each part needs to be taught, explained worked on before success can be achieved in the long term.  You can’t take a person away from their surroundings, take everything off them and the put nothing back and expect success.  It may look successful, but it won’t stick.

If you want treatment you can go to Government Rehabs – but they are hard to get into, overcrowded and underfunded.  You could go to Private rehabs but they are VERY expensive.  Very expensive.  Parents mortgage their houses to get their children in,  believing they are they answer – and they are for some.  Whichever you choose there are no guarantees.

We might have an alternative.  How about a program that included regular yoga classes, meditation, philosophy and “just being there”.  I have been doing this for 10 years, and it works long term if the client really wants to change.   You could even use our program as an aftercare alternative to enhance a program you have already taken….

If you want to explore this,  join us as a client, or as a student of our method,  or to learn to teach it – please contact me.

You can support us by diarising and then coming to our ART SHOW at Reds in Woodend.  We will be raising funds to support our not-for-profit Foundation.

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Namaste.  JAHNE