Dear Yogis,

ZOOM: Email me to join a class
TUESDAY: 7.30pm YOGA LECTURES.  The Chakras..

THE STORE:  I have put all of my PENDULUM BOARDS on  They are all there, and all inclusive of postage.  I will be putting up some unusual bone pendants soon.

I hope you make room for our next classes on ZOOM.  Not just pop-in times, but regular, committed classes.  Just because you are not in the studio does not mean it is not important.  It is, and it can be just as “committed”, but not if you don’t take it seriously.

Our Saturday TAROT MAKING classes are inspirational.  Each of the students is doing their own thing within the scope of the class.  ZEN DOODLING to make Pendulum Boards, Tarot cards, Affirmation cards, paintings, miniatures and even a journal.

The classes can help you to produce anything that you want.  If you have got art materials in your cupboards you don’t know how to use properly – I can teach you.  Make your doodles into greeting cards, pendulum boards, and books.


I love painting because it requires solitude, and I know enough about myself to realise I function best when I alternate between periods of intense activity and periods of comparison solitude. When I understand this about myself I can order my life accordingly.  After too much time on the computer I begin to burn out.   I notice that I burn out inwardly before I burn out outwardly.  Painting helps me ground myself.  Creativity stops me from becoming a frantic bundle of hollow energy, busy, busy, busy but devoid of life.

It is a meditation.  We can have a holy silence and when we nature it, miracles occur. It is wonderful, this resting in “the God of Creation”, this stilling of activity, “seeking first His Kingdom”.  That is why doing art on the computer holds no attraction for me… it is an interface between me and God when actual painting is not.  Painting gets me closer to God, closer to the Holy Silence.

At all times, but especially in the beginning we need to find a specific time and place to nurture silence.  Painting, creativity gives me this.

Some people find the silences in the early morning, others quiet themselves best in the deep quiet of the night.  Whatever time we choose, we must have time to still the churning, to quiet the restlessness, to meditate on God.  Painting doesn’t replace meditation, it is another form of meditation, and I need both.  

We all worry about living beyond our means financially; why do it emotionally.  We must learn our emotional limits and respect them. We are too busy only because we want to be too busy.  We could cut out a great deal of our activity and not seriously effect our productivity.  Perhaps not just absorbing the information that flies towards us every minute, but thinking about its significance. Thinking is the hardest work we can do, and among the most important.

One of the most profound effect of inward simplicity is the rise of an amazing spirit of contentment.