Dear Yogis,


If you haven’t taken part in the Yoga lectures, you have missed out.  For the past few weeks we have been exploring the subtle body, not from a distance, but close up.  We have looked at ancient texts and modern science… it is surprising what we have learned. “Exciting”  is another word for it.

If you are teaching,  you will especially enjoy tonights subject ART & YOGA.  It still is about the chakras, it is part of the new qualification.

THE ETSY STORE.  I have updated the store, especially  the tarot and the pendulums (soon all the items in the store)  all have postage pre-paid to make it easier.  No calculations just click and we can post to you.  We can’t hurry the post up, but we can get it to you safely.

The Pendulum Boards now come in small, medium and large so you can take it with you everywhere.  If you buy a big pendulum board this month I will include a small and medium at no extra charge.  This is just for my subscribers (you!).

REGISTRATION:  As I said, if you register before the end of this month, I will send you the medium PENDULUM BOARD free of charge with your Registration papers. ($27 value FREE) … look at your registration and get up to date.


ART & YOGA (The Qualification)

I have always been an artist and ever since I found yoga (or it found me) at a very early age, I have blended the two skills and I invite you to do the same.  DISTANCE AND ZOOM.

Starting tonite we will begin classes that will be the foundation of an ART & YOGA qualification.  As part of the course, we will explore art and yoga for difficult emotions, for teens, collaborations, groups, in nature, in communities, and in dance.  If you haven’t been with us for the Tuesday Chakra Work, you will get an opportunity to catch up.  The course will have a distance home study component, a zoom component where you will explore the art + yoga component, and as usual payment-over-time is available.

This is your opportunity to heal and serve your community, your soul and the planet with ART AND YOGA.  Truly a “marriage made in heaven”.  This course will show you how to blend the arts and yoga.  By the way, you don’t need to be a qualified artist – enthusiastic doodling and passionate yoga will do.  You will grow both skills on the way.  Art and yoga will deepen your meditation, release your creative self, give you focus and release your intuitive self.

Please email your interest and I can get the registration papers to you.  You will need to have completed at least some of your YOGA TEACHER TRAINING if you want the qualification, and be prepared to continue (unless as an artist you can put a good case to me to let you into the course). This is a post grad course which has a payment-over-time option.