Hi there Yogis,

What a fabulous weekend.  The weather has been cold here, but sunny (and windy).  I can imagine spring, even if it is not really here.  I went to Church on Saturday and it was almost snowing!  It is what it is.

This week the Chinese celebrate the  Mid-Autumn Festival also known as MOON FESTIVAL or Mooncake Festival, is a traditional festival celebrated by many East and Southeast Asian people. It is the second-most important holiday after Chinese New Year with a history dating back 3,000 years when China’s emperors worshipped the moon for bountiful harvests. Staying true to the original intention of the autumn holiday, which fell this year on Sept. 21 (but don’t be put off by the date… it can be any time until the end of the month).

The Chinese put out a platter of mooncakes as a gift to the moon and lights sticks of incense over them as a show of gratitude for the annual harvest.  They put their best ingredients into the mooncakes, it’s the highest form of respect to the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Some moon-cakes are filled with ham, some with sesame and honey… personably I like mine filled with red bean paste.

STUDIO: Monday Hatha 1pm (full), Wednesday 5.30 Restorative, Friday 5.30 Hatha.
ZOOM: Monday 6.30 Teacher Training, Tuesday 7.30 CCP, Friday 6.45 Tarot, Sunday 10am CCP


SHILAJIT TINCTURE:  I wrote about this last week.  It is wonderful – I have so much energy. As it is from the Himalayas I wonder if the Dalai Lama takes it?  My hearing has improved (I haven’t read about this anywhere else), and there is less hair in my brush in the morning which actually is terrific, I usually lose “enough to stuff a pillow” (my mum’s words).   My students on zoom have been commenting on how shiny my hair is – I don’t have product on it, and Shilajit is the only change.

If you want a bottle I can post it to you.  $50 for the tincture and $10 for postage.  Go to the home page and click on “pay via paypal” (credit cards and debit cards also accepted by PayPal).  www.yogabeautiful.com.au

TAROT MAKING: Saturday 2pm to 4pm (starting Saturday the 2nd October).  You can finish things you have started, you can start something new, you can make oracle cards, or yoga cards…. anything that inspires you, you can even make a vision board if that is what you would like to do.  Please enrol right now by emailing me.  yogafirst2@bigpond.com
THE COST: $50 for 4 classes of two hours per class.

ART:  You are all welcome to join our tarot making/art classes.  I have been painting every day and attach the latest.  I am loving painting ballet dancers feet.  When I have a range I will make cards and prints from them, which will make them very accessible.  I just don’t want to sell  the originals, they are so lovely – like little jewels (and copyrighted to me) so cards will be a good step so you can start a small collection of your own.

If you do want to paint Tea Bags like the ballet shoes to the left, then you will have to prepare the tea bags dry them and iron them before you come to class.  We can go through the process if you don’t have the confidence to do this step.

With the gentle lifting of restrictions – enough that I can take massage clients within boundaries – no undressing, just the PPT, CHI-SPINAL FLOW, and CHI NEI TSANG and of course our go-to BOWEN.  All of these techniques are done fully clothed and work with the nervous system and not banging about with bones and muscles.   Half an hour $50 and one hour $85.  Half an hour is adequate…useful.  Please make an appointment.  Call to organise a time frame. yogafirst2@bigpond.com

Our next (LIFE/DEATH DOULA) course starts soon.  To join our information session at 10.30 this coming Saturday morning please email me so I can send you a zoom ID. yogafirst2@bigpond.com

I keep the subject of my enquiry constantly before me, and wait til the first dawning opens gradually, by little and little, into a full and clear light.  ( Sir Isaac Newton – mathematician and alchemist)