Another icy black frost morning once again I need to break the ice for the Raven.  I will soon have to cook a warm breakfast for him… the frost is hard in the mornings.  My mum used to make a breakfast meal of weeties with hot milk for the chooks in the winter when I was little.

Here we are in the middle of a no-mans-land and I would like to talk to you about YOUR BUSINESS.  So many yogis have decided to close their studio doors.  The struggle is too hard.   Listen up! Psychic energy can help you to bring your business prosperity and growth.  Take the guesswork out of business and use your psychic energy – to live, use your SPIRITUAL ENERGY.

Using a combination of regular psychic exercises, meditation, and regular exercise (balance please in all things), you can discover the best actions to take to lead you to your goals.  It won’t help if you don’t have clue where you are going…If you take the actions the Universe recommends, checking in regularly to make sure you are going in the right direction and everything is in harmony you can move forward with confidence.

If you work in this way it will alleviate so much of the anxiety that comes with running your own business whatever it is.  If you do it this way you will feel safer making decisions, and taking steps into the unknown.

It is hard to make a living in these uncertain times, and usually there are layers of problems, not just one.  Sort out one, and there is more underneath. However, the universe wants you to have the best not by struggle, but by working in tandem with the energy she is providing for you.  Do this and you will have enough to provide for yourself and for others.


1. Release any negative beliefs you have around earning money.

2. Look closely at any limitations you might have that will stop you from increasing the flow of money towards you.

3. Use the Universal energy to increase money in your life.

Your financial stability is totally connected to the beliefs you hold about money, as well as the life lessons you are currently working your way through.  You will not be able to increase your money flow, and develop a successful studio unless you re-evaluate those beliefs and release any negativity that may be standing in your way.

Change your beliefs and you will be able to increase your money flow.  It is not just about thinking differently, it is also about acting differently.  I don’t for one minute think that suddenly you will find your purse overflowing (although it might).  I do mean that you will suddenly see opportunities you hadn’t noticed before, or ways to painlessly reduce expenditure… follow the guidance of the universe and you will notice an increase in your disposable income.

As you release beliefs, fears and issues attached to money and in particular to debt, you will not only be easily able to release the debt, but you will also see the flow of money increase to a comfortable amount.


We ask ourselves, how can we liberate ourselves from suffering.  Too many of us spend our lives ignoring it rather than working on it.   It is this ignoring of it which keeps us in the realm of suffering.  To grow pearls one needs to put grit in the oyster, and it is this grit which gives us the opportunity to liberate ourselves, and be a true pearl.

We are born weeping and we die protesting and in between we hate getting older, getting sick, becoming overtaken by circumstances we don’t like – covid for instance – and being separated from things we really do like.  We may even hate getting up in the morning.  These states can have bad consequences.

You may have many therapies and techniques for keeping these questions bound and gagged.  Spiritual enlightenment is always available, irrespective of what the past or the future may hold.  Even in the midst of the ordinary world we can establish our lives on a new basis.

Remember – even during this stage of covid you can have a personal consultation.  Please email for an appointment.