Dear Yogis.

Another wonderful weekend (apart from the tree in my yard coming down in the wind).  Christmas, Christmas.  It gets better every year.  

CHRISTMAS DAY (25th):  OPEN DAY HERE AT THE STUDIO  I always have an open day (afternoon 2pm to 4pm) here on the 25th.  If you get a chance to drop in for a Christmas pie and a drop of bubbly or something, you are welcome.  I hope to see you.  37 Morris Road in Woodend if you have not been before.  Come straight around to the yoga room at the back of the house.  Last year the gang didn’t leave until about 7.30pm!  Every year is different.


SATURDAYS: THE TAROT/ART CLASS.  We had our last studio class on Saturday – we are back to zooming next week for 3 weeks.
SUNDAYS at 10am: STUDYING THE ‘GITA.  We take three steps forward and one back.  There is so much to know, and to understand.
WEDNESDAYS: Could be a craft class.  Starting with Lino Cuts (your call, could even be “SECRET BOOKS”, or  “Making your own Art Equipment”)
FRIDAY:  Free Pendulum/Tarot class 6.45 (Tarot Readings available thru Christmas Break – even on zoom)

*MASSAGE  over the Christmas Break.  Yes, 15 minute “Tension Tamers”  available if you don’t have an hour to spare.
*HERBS can be sent out, whenever you need them. I am almost finished the “Wild and Weedy” book which makes using herbs and foraging available for everyone with details and recipes.  A must for every kitchen.



If you’re suffering from neuropathy,  Cannabidiol (CBD) has shown to provide tremendous relief for a number of medical conditions and symptoms. However, studies into the effects of CBD on nerve pain are limited and in Australia the ingestion of CBD by humans is illegal.  Yes, nothing has changed – your pets can have it, but you can’t.  I was hoping the government would be looking at ways to raise money after covid,  and would have used legalising cannabis for humans even marginally as an easy way to do this – but they have not.  I suppose to raise money they could lift the government impost on wine and cigarettes, and may do so.

CBD and Nerve Pain
I hear a lot about this from both physicians and patients.  There is much controversy because there has been little or no study of this herb due to its illegal status since 1937.   For licensed doctors, they are NOT told there are 500+ different strains and strengths of CBD, there is no concentrated study in this country, and for CBD to be effective there is a need for it to be prescribed properly.  In Canada for instance you can go to your local “Cannabis Barista” who is trained and experienced in prescribing (at least this legalisation across America is one good thing to come out of Trump’s Administration – I hope Biden does not reverse it).

In my experience and in general, the limited amount of studies on CBD and pain  have shown that CBD can help reduce inflammation. In addition, CBD helps lower the buildup of immune cells in spinal fluid. Lower inflammation and immune cells may lead to a reduction in pain.

Nerve pain, also known as neuropathy, doesn’t work the same as other types of pain including inflammatory and central pain. Nerve pain affects the body’s nervous system. Patients may feel stinging, burning, or shooting pain in the affected area or throughout the body.

We know that CBD which works by building the endocannabinoid system in the body (unlike marijuana which deadens it), is achieving some wonderful results.  This is spoken of at length in many TED TALKS.

CBD studies in general are limited. CBD for nerve pain studies have not determined the exact effects of CBD. However, the research shows promise. CBD’s high chance of efficacy and low risk of side effects makes it a worthwhile alternative to traditional pain relievers and opioids.  I hope it is legalised in Australia soon.  This will end the independent importation of dubious oils, some with petroleum based carrier bases, which cause as many problems as the initial condition requiring the CBD.  Take care.


Although the Buddha woke up suddenly,  we do not need to regard awakening in an all-or-nothing way.  Life is a series of moments governed by the mind.  Each moment is a new creation which we inherit from something in our past and transform it to our present experience, thereby providing the seeds for our future.  A moment without greed, hatred or delusion is an awakened moment.. however, even an unawakened person can have an awakened moment.  As The Buddha says. “If one shows kindness with a clear mind – even once! – for living creatures, by that one becomes wholesome (Itivuttaka 1.27)

My suggestion after years of experience is this:  As we walk the path, let us not concentrate so hard on the destination, but carefully place one foot in front of the other and in this way move forward.  The path keeps us centred.  It may take us to the peak, but only if we have taken each step with care.  Every mindful moment is a moment in which we are awake.  If we can manage one moment of wisdom, we can manage another.