Dear Yogis,

This is a special newsletter.

Yesterday evening at the Mary Magdalen teaching, we discussed the fact that JULY THE 22ND IS THE FEAST DAY  OF MARY MAGDALEN, and one of the students suggested that those who could,  might perhaps gather at our studio,  and have an actual feast to celebrate the life of this extraordinary woman.  What a fabulous idea!!!

This morning, ideas for the lunch, and the menu have come in, and I had the idea that you all could help us celebrate.

You could have a Feast Day in your yoga space whether that is at your house or a studio.  Mary is a woman worth celebrating.  It doesn’t have to be a feast – just a cuppa with your students is enough.  

If this idea excited you as much as it has our group, let me know how you are going to celebrate and where.  If you can join us in the Woodend studio you are also welcome – by July the covid restrictions on number should have passed, and we can welcome more than we have in a long while.  However,  instead of travelling, get a group together at your studio.

If you are not sure why we are celebrating Mary (it has definitely nothing to do with any Church), then join us on Mondays or Tuesdays to find out.  It is a story which has effected the status of women down through the ages.   Mondays on zoom 6.30 a free MARY MAGDALEN teacher training. Tuesdays 7.30 the Study Group.