Dear Yogis,

MONDAY: 6.30 FREE Teacher Training “Mary Magdalen”.  Very metaphysical, very yogic.  You will be surprised.  When we are finished this glimpse, we will be looking more closely at the relationship between Mary and Jesus, and why/how the Church diminished the role of women for centuries – by taking SEX out of life.  Making it a “sin”.
TUESDAY: 7.30 Mary Magdalen Study Group.  This is for people who truly want to delve deeply.  It is worth it.
SUNDAY: 10am “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”.

Monday 1pm (full) Wednesday 5.30 (full), Friday 5.30  2 Vacancies.
(Possibility of Saturday at 10am based on enquiries – starting July).

Saturday 26th – 2pm to 4pm Studio ART CLASS.  



We are starting  anew..  We will never be out of the shadow of Covid but it doesn’t have to govern our lives.  Where do we go from here?  We,  me (us – you and I)?  I am starting a new course that will give you another area of love, service and revenue.  How deeply you will embrace it is up to you of course.

I do have a wonderful surprise for those who sign up for this course.  I am not ready to reveal it right now.  We will take small steps, but, if you want a new way to serve your community then this is it.  Starting with Stage 1,  just a maximum of 12 weeks study –  for a new direction for you, CCP.  It will blend beautifully with your yoga classes.   For me, yoga is yoga.  It is a discipline for the body, mind and spirit.  A way of service, not a way of getting thin or building muscles (although this may happen on the way).  We are focussing on LIFE whatever we do.  It is all about SERVICE.

If you are interested in coming along with us for this super new course, please let me know.  I am aiming at releasing it in August, which will give you plenty of time to prepare for some study and to get the fees (under $400) all organised.  I will show you how you can make this a very valuable addition to your life, and to your finances (although this is not the focus).  Wait until I reveal STAGE 2! (not today).  Just a little step.  But, you have to get Stage one under your belt before you can do Stage 2.  You can stop at Stage 1 which will give you heaps of new opportunities.



I wish that more of you took on board the importance of our 10am Sunday class on The Book of the Dead.  It is not about dying, but about finding new ways to live – A validation of all we have learned in yoga.

Tensin Choegyal (The Dalai Lama’s personal musician) who lives in Qld, and has visited us,  is an inspiration to the world.  He reads the Book of The Dead every day and uses it as his inspiration for life, which has taken him from being an orphaned boy in Tibet, to India, to Australia. From singing to his sheep in his life as a shepherd in the Himalayas to fronting major stages of the world with people like Philip Glass and now The Dalai Lama.  I would say the the book is showing him the way to a glorious present and future as a musician.  He still donates his time (and his voice) especially to orphans in Dharamsala.  His world is one of service, and JOY.  Is yours?

If you are contemplating the CCP course, then The Book of The Dead (as I have said before) is part of it.  You have now missed three sessions, but you can make it up.  If you do this part of the course now, you will not have to repeat it.  I feel as excited as when I first realised I could teach yoga by distance.  Although the thinking at the time (and for years afterwards) was that you can’t, I was doing it successfully, and now how many are on the market – pages of them in the journals!  So much for “Impossible”!  This is not nearly as groundbreaking, but important none the less.  JOIN ME in leading the way.