Dear Yogis,

Whoopee do!  The end of the week, not that it makes any difference to me.  I work most days, and on my day off, it seems i work harder than most other days – although what I work “AT”, has changed. In my younger years, I slaved away, and like some of you out there, I took may be four of more classes A DAY!  If there was an hour to spare, I squeezed a class into it.  I remember having to take vegetables and rice to the studio to make sure I didn’t  loose too much weight.  I don’t have that problem now!  I have a web site for lots of “other” things.

Now I do all different things.  I do a lot of writing (I have just found a publisher interested in my work!).  I paint from time to time.  The things I like to paint you may not like – I like abstracts although I do scientific illustration from time to time.  I like to play with paint.  I don’t like my painting being too serious.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE teaching and that is why my writing is becoming so important to me.  I can teach, and you can learn, and I don’t have to turn up for a class.  It is all online.

I like darning and darn my own clothes instead of replacing them.  

I like kintsungi – the Japanese way of fixing ceramics with gold.  A beautiful way of saying how much you value a precious piece.

I like the Tarot – because it is helpful, and shows people stuck and confused a road out.  Don’t come to me if all you want is to find the “ideal partner”.  There is no such thing.  Every relationship takes time, forgiveness and patience.

And I like you.  I would love to help you in any way I can.  Bach therapies, the Tarot, my oils, the Ionic Spa.  Anything.  Tell me how i can help, and I will help you.  That is why we were all put here – to serve.

But whatever i do – I like to teach others how to do them.

STUDIO YOGA – Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5.30 and Friday 5.30
ZOOM: MONDAY  6.30 GITA,   TUESDAY 7.30 HERBAL WORKSHOP (I can record, please show your interest), FRIDAY 6.45 TAROT


I will see you on the mat.

Namaste. Jahne