Hi Yoga Homesteaders,

It is like “The Little House on the Prairie” around here – winter is on the way, and I am getting ready.  I have pickled green walnuts, walnut sauce, carrot marmalade, quince marmalade, mead, various alcoholic fruit concoctions, and I have done a video on how to make KOMBUCHA – and showing the other things as well…  My mother had a still in the laundry and made brandy from rice and dried fruit!  I would love one… anyone there with a spare?  I do have a cookbook on ETSY – “Rose Petal Jam”.  Download it, it has everything from fruit teas to floor polish.  I am working on another.

Teacher Training tomorrow (Sunday – and you can see my products).  If you are going to make things, remember to save your glass bottles and jars.  It seems logical step I know, but some folk don’t make that creative leap!  Thanks to Caroline supplying me with a box of uniform sized small jars, plus the bottles and jars from my kitchen it will be a while until I have to buy glass.  What’s the use of saving money on making these lovely items, if it costs you money to bottle the goods!

See you tomorrow.  Don’t forget the videos….there are some new pendulum videos there as well, and I will have pendulums on ETSY shortly (I will attempt this weekend)..

Namaste, Jahne.