Dear Yogis,

There are many things we can do to change our days.  It is easy to feel down when you have spend days without your usual routines and yoga contact…  I know, I am human too.  

One of the things I like to do EVERY DAY is read spiritual and uplifting verses or stories in the morning.  That is why I read the Gita or the Bible or something familiar and inspiring every day.  To help you in this, I have made a poster out of one of the lovely, inspirational pieces I love to read.

This particular one I found on a toilet wall in Amsterdam. TRUE!  It took a while to write it down as all I had was loo paper and one of those roller pens which globs and smudges!.  The poem which actually I made a booklet out of early on and added my photographs is also on Etsy (“ON BEING HUMAN”), but to make it super easy, I have done it again in poster format.  I will put it up this afternoon (Friday), so look for it late today to early tomorrow (there is usually a glitch).  It is not as easy as you think to make ten small verses into something readable, and attractive enough  that you would want to put on a wall, but I think I am close.

“….RULE NUMBER EIGHT:  What you create in your life is up to you.  Life is like a movie.  You may feel like a bit player, but you have the opportunity to be the screen writer, the casting director, the Producer and or the Director.  It is your movie.  You have all the tools and resources you need”…………


It will help you through your day, and through your life.    Print it on lovely paper and frame it.  It will be in A4 format.  I will try and get it reproduced hard copy in A3 on lovely paper, and will let you know how I go, then you can buy it from me – but I would like you all to have it, so A4 Etsy is the easiest way to go.  Your newsagent is open so yours should be, just buy a few sheets of something lovely – Officeworks of course has the biggest immediately available stock, but I am not near one of this stores.    As usual, go to

Even the pieces of the whole you can see above will brighten your day, imagine the whole piece! It is fantastic.

Don’t forget, it is almost MOTHERS DAY.  Download a TAROT READING VOUCHER from ETSY, for her (or for yourself).  As they say, it is a gift “that keeps on giving”.   This could be the opportunity for transformation.

Keep smiling and happy, remember happiness is the path to health.

Namaste – JAHNE