Dear Yogis,

This morning, my last day before actual (restricted) yoga classes start, I am considering the journey I have been on, and I know from my emails, that you too have been thinking about this.  How are you going to fit everything in now that most things are getting back to normal?  This may or may not include your children.  Somehow you have to go back to how things were, with the complications of home schooling,  husband back at work, no in-laws coming around, no back up.

I don’t have home schooling, but I have built new things into my schedule that I have to add on to what I was doing before.  You might think that I just wander round “omming”  all day and that this newsletter is just banged out in 5 minutes – NOT SO.

Let us look at the confusions and stress of this moment in time as an undesirable symptom, behaviour pattern or disease that needs to be eliminated.  We might think that treatment or behaviour modification is the means to our recovery.  If we define success as “the successive realisation of preconceived goals” then to attain success we need a starting point, a clear destination and a means of transport.  In short – A PLAN.

If we bumble forward in our usual manner,  what we do to correct or manage a confusion often becomes part of a new problem. With planning, each destination in the healing process becomes the starting point in a new journey.

We can achieve nothing without a plan which includes each part of the journey.  I watch the series called “HOUSE”.  It is about a very gifted diagnostician.  He can’t effect a patient’s recovery by himself, he needs to talk about it at every point with the team.  They go up blind alleys, they make mistakes, but they keep on narrowing and narrowing the options until the solution becomes clear.  FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END THEY HAVE A PLANNED OUTCOME and because they have knowledge of the path, and because they work together, they achieve success against the odds.  You can too.

I can’t do my job without a plan, and for the first time some of my yogis are getting back to me with those comments.  I put a YOGA plan on etsy, which hardly anyone has accessed (called THE JOURNEY) so if you have been having trouble keeping up with your modules,  and haven’t planned and haven’t downloaded that, then I have done all I can do and now it is up to you – and we know how that will work if you don’t plan.

I have just completed a general planner which mimics what I do every day.  You can download this (yes, it will be on etsy), or you can muddle forward, or you can spend more time planning the planner than you are doing moving forward.  It too can become an excuse, a reason why you “can’t”.   1.  Just download it (make one for each day and empty/file them at the end of the week and start again) . 2.  Put two holes in the long side, and 3.   insert into a two hole binder   4.  then complete the plan for the day ahead every night before you go to bed, having worked it out with your children, your better half, or home help, so everyone is on the same page.


Here’s an affirmation:

“I celebrate the power of life that attracts what I need to be whole in body, mind and spirit.  Today I live my life gracefully receiving the feelings and awakenings of my ever changing body-mind”