Dear Yogis,

In the last few days students (around the world, not just Oz)  have been asking me how they will cope now that their spouse is going back to work, and the children are still at home.  Everyone has slowed down, and a gap appeared in their everyday routine, but they didn’t think of it in spiritual terms.  They just frittered it away playing games and having fun.  And now they are adrift. Actually they are further back than they were when this started.

If you sense there is more to life than going back to the daily 9-5 grind, overcommitted,  stressed out, then you could be part of the awakening. If you don’t know what to do now.  You have failed to realise this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You have probably missed an opportunity.

That being said, today is probably a good day t0 practice self care, go inside, take things slow in spite of the fact you may want to rush into the day mistaking business for success. Busi-ness is one of the ways that we avoid feeling emotions. By keeping busy all the time we may not need to go there.  This “rat in the wheel” life is one of the by-products of the capitalist society.

In the “Awakening” it’s  time to let go of old habits and security and move towards your purpose. I have always resisted the idea of “normal” (fitting in) I have never believed that anyone was sent here to be “normal”.  We are here to be extraordinary, and to be on a journey to discover our cosmic (true) selves. We each have a destiny, a purpose, a mission we signed up for.  Your passion won’t show up if you are sitting in your toilet paper igloo waiting for the voice of God telling you what to do next.

You need a plan.  You can’t get where you are going if you don’t know where you are meant to be.  You need a plan, and you need to consistently stick with it.  A boat setting sail in New York to get to Melbourne, won’t miss landfall because the land has shifted, but because the map was wrong,  or they didn’t look at it. They miss because they don’t have a plan or haven’t checked they are going in the right direction.

It is my experience that we get information a bit of a time so we won’t be overwhelmed.  This (if you act on it), will take you closer to your destiny.  You have to be honest with yourself, and keep walking forward whether you like the journey or you don’t.  The road is rough before it becomes smooth.  Baby steps. The secret is to just keep going, trust life, and make your dreams a reality.

Of course, going in a new direction can make us fearful.  If we can’t move we get stuck in overthinking, we feel bad and then our thoughts turn negative, and we don’t act. As you move forward ask yourself, “Does this feel right?”, if your heart tells you “yes” keep going. Does it feel ‘right’, and does it serve the greater good? If you take this path,  instead of doing your job to live, live so you can do your job. You can change the world one yogi at a time.

To go inward, one of my ways is to paint or draw, and I too have been getting information a bit at a time – the TEA LEAF READING CARDS just flooded through to me..  Today it has been so hard resisting the urge to let go of everything and just paint.

When the information is flowing through me it is a joyous place to be,  but I like you,  have students arriving this week for yoga classes, and I wanted to get the studio clean in every way before they arrive.  Windows, mirrors, blinds, toilet, everything, so my lovely students will walk in to a fresh and exorcised space.  To keep the devil out – clean everything.

Happy cleaning.

Have a lovely sunny day.  We have been having deep frosts, then glorious days.  The rough before the smooth?

Namaste.  Jahne