Hi there Yogis

A NOTE TO ALL MY CCP persons (and intended CCP persons)  out there –  THURSDAY’S  TWEET FROM THE WELL-KNOWN ABC PERSONALITY, NORMAN SWAN:  (All consumers of health care take note) He said – “One of the simplest safety measures in hospital is to have someone sitting with you who’s not afraid to sing out”.

It was amazing how everyone who replied and re-tweeted echoed this sentiment.  We are not “singing to the choir” girls, there are a lot of people out there who need our help.

That has been our focus as a Compassionate Companion.  To be an ADVOCATE for people in the health care system who are not able to speak for themselves.  If you want to work in the system but not be IN the system, then you might like this way of doing things.  Our primary concern is our client.  Anything that we can do to make sure our client is heard, (and happy) is our prime concern.

OUR NEXT CCP INTAKE is probably at the end of January 2022.  It is never easy to predict because I don’t know what will happen between now and then, but, it is a more economical course which you can pay in instalments – it can be done by distance and zoom, we can even move to post if everything else is taken away… so no matter what happens, we should be able to do this.  I am buying a generator, to make sure zooming should still be available even if the local power goes down.

THE POST GRADUATE STUDY – the Diploma in Bach therapy – How to understand, make and prescribe these remedies – will be out soon.  A perfect accompaniment to CCP.  Then you will have everything.  You will be able to be a clinician regarding the therapies, you will be able to be insured and add it to your CCP qualifications… and so on (people and/or veterinarian streams).

THE BACH GARDEN.  My garden contains many of the Bach Flowers for remedies.  You will be able to visit, see the remedies, the flowers as they grow, and learn to use the pendulum to prescribe for your clients.  It is about knowing the basics,  asking your pendulum the right questions and working with the Spirits and Angels of the garden..

The Bach Trees and Shrubs too big for my garden are available within a short walk, so when you come, we will have a whole experience.  Fantastic at this time of the year (sort of, there is wind, low cloud, and rain a the moment), although I have been out mulching,  weeding, loving the garden and getting it ready for you. When you come you will be able to see how I pick, and make the remedies… Even the creeks where I get the Rock Water are close by.


ROCK WATER:  This is a stand alone remedy in the Bach repertoire.  Obviously it is not a plant!  Although we see the water jumping and bubbling over rocks, the person we would prescribe this to would be a life-long victim, someone who martyrs themselves to a cause. Totally inflexible and  rigid in their beliefs which can lead to a lonely existence.  They will know they are right of course, but eventually they will live on an island.. just them and their beliefs. We must say that their high ideals are with good intentions, but taken to extremes.

The positive aspect of this remedy encourages greater flexibility of mind.

The COMPASSIONATE COMPANIONS, NEXT INTAKE (and the Post Graduate Bach Flower Therapy Course)  is accepting students for a January start.  If you can see that either or both of these could be  a valuable addition to your yoga studio (I have found it so), please email me and I will send you the application//information pack.

ZOOM: Friday 6.45 Tarot, Monday 6.30 Teacher Training
STUDIO: Friday 5.30 Yoga, Saturday workshop in Mandala Making/Basal charting (yes they do fit together)  Monday 1pm Yoga