Dear Yogis,

Beautiful weather, Christmas just around the corner and most everyone has gone on holidays in their head….I am adjusting the classes accordingly.  I am sure things will get sensible and predictable after Christmas.  In the meanwhile, I will just go with the flow.

STUDIO:  Monday 1pm Yoga, Wednesday 1pm (full), Friday 5.30 Yoga
ZOOM:   Monday 6.30 Teacher Training.  Friday 6.45 Tarot(?) depending on numbers.



In these difficult times, we know, everything tells us, we are in this together.  It is time to take the next step….   Healing is giving to the collective.  As you heal, we all heal.   As you help others to heal, we all heal.  Never underestimate the reach and power of your actions, every single one of them affects the whole. It is time to move forward in your calling.

Our trained Compassionate Companions are valued members of the healing community, treasured wherever we may find them – in hospital, in the home, in aged care, caring for the animals – everywhere.   The calling to be a Spiritual healer is one of the most transcendental callings of all.

In this time of anxiety, LONELINESS,  and discomfort the need for healers, advocates is greater than ever.  Is this you?
✨You are aware of the global shift in consciousness.
✨You have been called to gather with like-minded people.
✨You are highly sensitive, creative, and curious.
✨You feel a sort of spiritual calling to ease suffering.
✨You are aware and aligned with a  sense of unity that connects us all.
✨You tend to have vivid dreams.
✨You lose the sense of time and space.
✨You enter states of flow.

If you have been hearing the call of the healer and you have made your decision to act, this is your moment!  The world of the COMPASSIONATE COMPANION awaits you…..

Our new intake is not until January, but it will come quicker than you think.
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I am often asked how these beautiful and gentle therapies work – here is the “short version” from my soon to be released book/course BACH REMEDIES – THE YOGA OF HERBS.  Modern science does not yet understand the working of energy medicine, however, it has long been understood (at least in part), by the ancient Ayurvedic practitioners, Homeopaths, and of course Dr.Bach.  In my book I am trying to bring all these ideas together.  They do fit, it just takes a little longer to understand them –  I always ask WHY…

The simplified version is this – When vibrational remedies are prescribed, their life force reaches the imbalanced parts of the body faster and in a more complete form than orthodox medicine.  The remedies cleanse the aura and subtle bodies so that the imbalances will no longer contribute to ill health.

The subtle bodies (Koshas) often act as filters for teachings from the higher self and the soul.  From the pineal gland, information travels to the right portion of the brain.  If there is a need to alert the conscious mind to this higher information, it passes through the right brain in the forms of dreams.  Then the left brain analyses it to see if the information can be understood.  This often occurs to you in dreams that bring clear messages.

From the left brain, information moves through the neurological system –  there is a constant state of resonancy along the spinal column between the medulla oblongata and the coccyx. Properties of the pineal gland resonate between these two points.

Then the energetic information gathered from the remedies moves through the body via the meridians,  activated throughout the body by the vibrational remedies.



I am putting together quite a large range of remedies.  The hardest part at the moment is getting bottles… Covid shortages are blamed.

The remedies I post to you from now on will be stock concentration and from this you will be able to prepare dispensing bottles of the remedies.   Because they are so expensive to post ($10 per parcel) I have decided to make Stock (concentrated) essence available to you, so you can dispense from each bottle.  The bottle you buy from me can be used to make a number of bottles of essences for yourself, your family and friends…. This will make the postage acceptable because you can use the stock bottle to make a number of the bottles, and pass on the postage if you need to.  You can’t hurt anyone, you can’t overdose.  These are the energy of plants and crystals…  they are not the actual plant matter. 

*Remedies at Stock Concentration:   $37.50 including postage
*Consultation on zoom: $65 prepaid.  Short consultation plus remedy and postage.

*Book/Course coming soon $165.00 with Certificate.  “ADVANCED YOGA OF HERBS” including Bach Remedies, Crystal Essences and Gem Elixers.   The entire list of herbs and their properties are in this book – I will notify you of its release.  In the meanwhile I will release a remedy via a newsletter and on instagram until the whole list can be found in the book.

Preparation of Dosage Bottles
Place seven (7) drops of Concentrated Stock Essence (the bottle I send to you) into a 15ml dropper bottle or fourteen (14) drops into a 30ml dropper bottle filled with 1/3 brandy and 2/3 purified water.  Making up the remedies – Make sure that you have sterilised the bottle that you are dispensing into, wear the rubber gloves you have become used to, and wear your mask.  These are delicate energies and how you dispense the remedy counts.

Recommended Dosage: Seven (7) drops on rising and retiring for a minimum of two weeks.


I will see you on the mat – THE WITCH IS IN.
Remember – EVERY LITTLE THING, EVERYTHING, IS YOGA.  There is no “This” or “That” – it is all YOGA.