Dear Yogis,

Raining again, absolutely gorgeous in this place at this time of the year.  The weather bureau is forecasting a wet Christmas period, and fewer bushfires… with all the wood and dead trees still piled up from the various storms and aftermath this forecast of rain is very good news.  We have had snow on Christmas Day here, maybe we will again.

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I have had such a wonderful time walking around the neighbourhood checking for flowers and trees that are used in these remedies, even Rock Water from a fast running stream (I have a choice of streams).

I have realised that I have done this all of my life, but I have never entirely used the information that is stored in my mind.  Now, with the Bach Therapies, I have a way to use and to share with you what I know, what I have learned, and what I am learning.  All helped by “the other side of course”.

ROCK WATER is a remedy on its own, but I like to use a little of this energy when collecting specimens although I stand them in the sun in collected rain water to complete the process.  The streams are so beautiful at the moment, bouncing and burbling over rocks, running especially full and fast after big rains..

ROCK WATER is a remedy for people who are repressed, who need to “get down off the cross” as we often say.  People who are martyrs to a cause.  I am sure in covid you will have recognised this thinking.  They are unable to change their minds no matter the good evidence and good direction is put in front of them.  They have very strict ideas, can be obsessive and their regimes can be directed towards diet, exercise, religion, a philosophy or whatever.  They are often depressed because they fail to live up to their own imposed standards, they are “candidates for sainthood” whilst still on earth.  Key to this remedy is the fact that Rock Water people are only interested in their own salvation.

This remedy can be used to encourage greater flexibility of mind.


I am sure you have seen these trees in bloom somewhere in your neighbourhood – we call them HORSE CHESTNUTS, but in the herbal repertoire they are called WHITE CHESTNUTS because they have white blooms… When you look at them close up the tiny flowers that make up the large cluster are like miniature orchids – quite beautiful.

White Chestnut is the remedy for those struggling with constant mental thoughts and arguments, the thoughts that go round and around in your head, and have no end.  The treadmill. This remedy is key in times like this when our mind may be full of worrying thoughts. It can be our own form of torture, especially if we feel helpless to move on.  No matter what the rational mind says the “monkey mind” keeps chattering. Worrying about catching Coronavirus is only natural, but sometimes the worry of this, and other aspects of this disease, can dominate our thought processes.

If you feel like this, locked inside your head, unable to think clearly about things in your life that really need to be accomplished,  then White Chestnut can help relieve these thoughts and help us to think clearly, although that may seem impossible right now.

These beautiful Bach Flower Remedies can do no harm.  They are made from the energy of the plant and work on emotions and moods.  If you want to know more about how this happens then please read THE MEMORY OF WATER by Dr.Emoto.  or any of the works by Dr.Edward Bach himself or his assistant of many years,  Nora Weeks.  You know me, I will shortly share what i know on Etsy, and I am available in the studio and zoom for personal consultations.

I am sending my information through to Instagram most every day.  If you want to see more, instagram me…. Also look at the drop- down on the home page of the website  “The Yoga of Herbs”.