Good Morning,

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE.  I find it an emotional time.  A time to remember not just one man (although I do that), but also the persecuted all over the world, and through all times.   Not going about weeping, but knowing that everything is all right, it is all, “all right”.  


No matter the confusion,  what a wonderful NEW FRESH morning it is…  I hope you are following my teachings and are teaching them to at least one person in your household, like me – I teach the cat (and you).  The cat is looking good (as am I).



Sit, and relax… let the world slide by.

Gently breathe into all parts of your body.  At the same time as you are doing this breathe into the various areas of the body the different organs, and let them speak to you.  Pay attention.  Listen to what they need.  If they are uncomfortable, in pain, having difficulties (the lungs for instance) exhale any excess strain.  If the organ or area is below par and not functioning efficiently, send bright, sparkling energy into that area.

Pain/discomfort should be visualised as a black or dark grey cloudy mass and immediately exhaled and sent back to the universe as far away from you as possible.  Weak organs, areas that are working but struggling should be sent bright golden energy, consciously breathing golden light into them.

This visualisation is perfect if you wish to establish contact with your body and want to do it regularly.  At the moment with the covid problem, I highly recommend it and have been concentrating on the lungs and brain.  Just wander the mind through the body.  No hurry, no distress, first breathing into the toes and the fee and then meandering up the body… no plan, just noticing, just having a conversation….  Feel what the organs have to say to you and send them loving energy.


YOGA CARDS/planner

I have been writing a lot to students – just keeping up, letting them know I am here, mainly on the email, but when I do send an actual card to a student the response is wonderful.  People don’t often receive actual cards and planners, so I am making cards, and updating my planners, and putting them on my ETSY site, so that you can download them and send them to your clients.  They will remember you, I guarantee it!  (I was playing with the images yesterday, and have put one image up there,  and will put more when I have the time as soon as possible.  .

Make this HOME-STAY a time of growth, don’t sit in a corner worrying, or escaping with the television.  When the Going gets tough, the tough get going.  Remember ……  And THIS TOO WILL PASS. Be Happy.  Everything is in the right place, everything is proceeding as it should.  We don’t know the outcome, so we can’t say if this experience is good or not, and even that will pass.  What seems bad today, maybe good tomorrow.  So just enjoy it, whatever it is.  WHATEVER IT IS.  Talk to me.


Cate (and Meaghan) said women were like tea bags, “….you don’t know how strong they are until they get into hot water.”  I think EVERYONE is like a rubber band “made to be stretched”.  Tea bags get dunked once, rubber bands last a very long time and can be stretched over and over again.  These are “stretching times”.  Watch the video.  “jahne hope-williams you tube”.


Stay warm and well on this blissfully beautiful day.

Namaste – Jahne