Dear Yogis, 

(THE AGE YESTERDAY) . ” There are no flags at half-mast, for the approximately 15,000 lives lost in 2022 (compared with just over 2000 in the previous two years), no national day of mourning, little empathising at the deep daily impact COVID-19 has had on millions of more “vulnerable” Australians, little concern over what chronic COVID-19 disease might do and is doing to the wider population.

Since the election, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his advisers have simply said COVID-19 is no longer exceptional and should be treated like other respiratory infections. But a conservative estimate is that 500,000 Australians will suffer from long COVID, for which there is no specific treatment. A still uncertain yet clearly major chronic disease burden will cause severe hospital and healthcare disruption and have an impact on the workforce and school attendance. The gulf between COVID reality and the narrative from our leaders could hardly be wider”.

Are we consigned to acceptance of this toll, to living with COVID and all its consequences no matter what? We hope not. It doesn’t need to be this way.

YOGA AND COVID.  I was listening to Radio National the Stage Show this afternoon and listening to an opera singer who had recovered from covid and a blood clot on the lung.  Normally this would be enough to spell DEATH, but for an opera singer, the breath is everything.  When she got out of hospital she embarked on a program of SIMPLE lung exercises that she learned when she was beginning her career.  Result?  Good health, overcoming all odds, and lungs healthy enough for her to take up her career where she left off.. singing lead roles in large operas.

What can you do?  Get a good teacher, and learn the breath exercises she learned (maybe from me?), and strengthen/heal your lungs.

Jesse, my son, was born with hypermobility,  but by the time he was born doctors recognised the condition, and how it effects the lungs.  Jesse has always had weak lungs and took it to himself to strengthen them in rather the same way that the opera singer mentioned above did, and became a passionate deep diver – the kind who dives as deep as possible on one breath (250ft!).

You may not be a diver, or an opera singer, but you may be in recovery from covid and  want to increase your lung capacity.  As the opera singer said “it takes time and patience”. How about you start with a yoga class, we are all about the breath.  


Our YOGA CLASSES start on the 9th January.  

Monday Hatha 1pm and 2.15, Wed. Restorative 1pm and 2.15 and Friday Hatha/Restorative 1pm and 2.15.  I am also thinking of a Saturday morning class.


OPTION 1.  The Official School Term  starts on the 3oth January and finishes on the 6th April – which we also call a TERM. If you want to start again on 30th January (a Monday) and finish on the 6th April,  then the cost for the term is $220.

OPTION 2. However, If you want to pay for the entire time from the 9th January to the 6th April, (a lengthier term) the cost is $270.

OPTION 3. There is still the option to pay 4 CONSECUTIVE classes at a time $88 – with this option if you don’t come to class you lose your payment, although you can make up a class in the same week.

You can pay easily via PayPal.  Go to the bottom of the home page (, click on Pay via PayPal.  They send me a receipt super fast.  It is easy and very secure.