Dear Yogis,

Our time of rest is nearly over.. Yoga and herbal zoom both start on Monday coming up – and I am so pleased, I have missed you.

As usual I have only just gotten used to this lovely time.  It’s the same when I go on any holiday, I am just getting into the routine when it finished.  Come to think of it it happened when I used to go car hunting with my ex.  He was turning off the cars and looking for the next one,  when I was just getting interested, but I digress.

Yesterday my power tripped at 11pm on the previous evening and I didn’t have it turned on until 11am the following (yesterday) morning.  It was marginally dark and quite cold and I wasn’t sure when the sparkie would turn up, so in the meantime I wrote the words to the Magdalen oracle.  Remember I did the paintings about a year ago, but wasn’t inspired with the words – well It is nearly finished thanks to the outage.  I wrote 18 pages!


When you are thinking of plants and herbs, think of this lovely flower.

One day around 32,000 years ago, an arctic ground squirrel ate parts of a plant, silene stenophylla, including its seed.

The squirrel was digesting it when its life ended.   Its body was recovered from permafrost and examined. Scientists germinated this plant seed. This silene stenophylla just bloomed. It is 32,000 years old. The strength, the vitality and stamina of living things — of life itself — is incredible.


Our YOGA CLASSES (and zoom) start on the 9th January.  Next Monday

CLASS TIMES:   Monday Hatha 1pm and 2.15, Wed. Restorative 1pm and 2.15 and Friday Hatha/Restorative 1pm and 2.15.  I am also thinking of a Saturday morning YOGA class.

FREE ZOOM HERBAL WORKSHOP.  Mondays at 6.30 on zoom.

STUDIO ART CLASS – Saturdays at 2.30 Starting on Saturday the 14th January.



OPTION 1.  The Official School Term  starts on the 3oth January and finishes on the 6th April – which we also call a TERM. If you want to start again on 30th January (a Monday) and finish on the 6th April,  then the cost for the term is $220.

OPTION 2. However, If you want to pay for the entire time from the 9th January to the 6th April, (a lengthier term) the cost is $270.

OPTION 3. There is still the option to pay 4 CONSECUTIVE classes at a time $88 – with this option if you don’t come to class you lose your payment, although you can make up a class in the same week.

You can pay easily via PayPal.  Go to the bottom of the home page (, click on Pay via PayPal.  They send me a receipt super fast.  It is easy and very secure.