Dear Yogis,

Another beautiful day, thank goodness we have had a little rain this week.  I even have a crop of strawberries trying to ripen…

Other things are ripening too.  I have been flagging that I will be launching my new tarot pack, taking an on-line course on tarot and spirituality, however, for various reasons (including  humanity’s vibrational changes which were foretold  to me by Dolores Cannon before she passed) my guides have let me know that this course would be better delivered on line as a Ebook.  Thank goodness we can do this.  A few of you reading this will think I may have crossed over to the “dark side”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The only “dark side” is fear itself.  

My Angels, guide/guides also have assured me that it is possible for many people to connect with a guide and channel, and that channelling is a skill that could be learned given the desire and the intention to take this step.  I have been assured that I could teach you here in the studio, many people at once, but before we go there, I think an Ebook linked to my new, simplified tarot deck to prepare us all for the journey ahead is a good idea.   Learning to channel doesn’t take as long as you might think, and it is easier than you might think, but you have to trust.

I think that the E book and the new deck  will help you see ahead to the path we are going to take together, so I am bringing all my information together into the one place, and will invite you to join me on the journey.  It is not about just one thing.  Some of you will feel comfortable connecting using a tarot deck, some might doodle as Tyler Henry does, and some will go direct, there is no “wrong” there is only your way.  We will be using all these disciplines, and you can choose what is right for you.  It is all about strengthening your connection – God is always speaking to you… you just have to learn a way to listen and respond. Even Billy Graham wrote a book about Angels, and they are in the Bible (just in case this makes a difference to your understanding).

A couple of years ago I was told that “My gifts were not required” in the Anglican Church.  I thought this directive was both unchristian and foolish and I didn’t pay much attention, even though I had actually spoken to the Bishop in person who reiterated this view.  I did use every opportunity to show them that my skills whilst different to theirs,  did encourage folk to strengthen their spiritual life, and last year  I was invited back.  This connection has allowed me to be of service to many more people, and that is what it is all about.

We all have a job to serve our fellow man in whatever way, and using whatever gifts we have been given.  This way is my way.  If you want to join me please email and I will put you on the mailing list.


ZOOM GITA :  Monday  evenings at 6.30pm

Windarring Yoga –  Tues. 1pm

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) Hatha 2.15 Wednesday Restorative 1pm

TAROT ADVISOR/counsellor – Always available by appointment.


THE YOGA LUNCHEON: The last Saturday in May – the 25th,  12 noon in the back room at The Victoria Hotel in Woodend. You are all welcome, but please let me know if you would like to join us if you haven’t emailed me already.