This is a “CALL-OUT”.

A couple of weeks ago Fr.Richard during the “notices” at the end of the church service, suggested that there was a possibility of monies available for philanthropic purposes.  Never backward I approached his wife as she was leaving and suggested that yoga teaching to Windarring now that the NDIS has made this difficult,  might be a worthy recipient! I was so excited when the Ladies Guild approached me and said they would fund “one term and lets see what happens…”. Which they have done, and other donations as well.

This morning I went to personally thank the guild and was amazed to find it comprises three ladies and The Ministers Wife.  There they were knitting away.  They have a street stall and raise quite a lot, obviously enough to fund yoga when no-one else is interested.

I thought that maybe we could help – and by doing this you would be helping yoga and Windarring.  It is not as easy as it once was because of allergies, and insurance, but I am sure we could add our weight to these three ladies – enough to make a difference, especially as it will help yoga.  Can you knit, make jam, sew, crochet? If you can do anything saleable on a street stall, can you give your donations to me and I will pass them on.  There are now rules about jam, and food and I will find this out and let you know, hoping that you can help.

We can get together here at the studio for an hour or so, or you can join the ladies on Wednesday at 11am at Norma Richardson Hall next to St.Mary’s Anglican Church.  Every bit can help.  Please do take action.  Email me:

Namaste – Jahne