Dear Yogis,

This evening we are going to discuss THE SANGHA.  This is a “supporting community” of most kinds.  A yoga school, a monastery or ashram, even a service club (Rotary?).  In our town these communities are front and centre when it comes to times of hardship.  Dealing with housing, rent, food or even yoga classes when the money runs out.

I have been teaching Windarring for a few years now, but with the reduction of NDIS funding,  my classes were reduced, and then reduced again.  Not for any other reason than funding – the students were benefitting, and now they are in a no-mans land.  They want to do yoga, but the money to do it is not available.   They were abandoned.  But not for long.  I approached our local church, explained the situation and now they are funding me for yoga classes on a term by term classes, hoping that in the meanwhile someone else can take up the slack and she the financial load.

Maybe you can approach your local service clubs, or a financially able student to help you with funding.  Even one term is a help.  During that term another opportunity may arise.

On another matter.  The firm that installed my solar is Indian – Ozsolar.  They were so lovely to deal with (and sooo economical – $3,500 for a solar system that has taken me down to NIL electrical bill) .  They were interested in the yoga, and Jennifer my account manager went on holidays and brought back a number of pocket Bhagavadgita volumes to give out to my students.  Thanks Jennifer.

If you come for teacher training you may get one – if there are any left.

A NOTE ABOUT YOGA – Don’t forget.  If you are paying by the month or by the term, (as it says on the home page of yoga, and if you don’t come to class your seat is still booked, and you have to pay for that seat.  You can do a back-up class another day – but you are responsible for your attendance.  If a class does not take this view, and folk consistently stay away, and don’t pay for their “seat” I will cancel the class if the class is consistently almost empty due to other more pressing matters.  I am busy, I have tradesmen, and pressing matters, but I manage to come to class.  It is a choice.



ZOOM GITA :  Monday  evenings at 6.30pm – this evening “The Three Refuges”.

Windarring Yoga –  Tues. 1pm

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) Hatha 2.15 Wednesday Restorative 1pm

TAROT ADVISOR/counsellor – Always available by appointment.


THE YOGA LUNCHEON: The last Saturday in May – the 25th,  12 noon in the back room at The Victoria Hotel in Woodend. You are all welcome, but please let me know if you would like to join us if you haven’t emailed me already.