Dear Yogis

Here we are Thursday again and a holiday for me.  I am tidying up loose ends.

For some time I have been bringing together HEMP  recipes, information, training and news, and would like to create a separate newsletter for everyone out there who would like to receive it by itself, as I don’t get much of a “thumbs up” response from yogis – although I am not sure why? It is a very interesting subject.  Particularly for those with hypermobility – See Hemp in the drop downs on the home page.

I could make it part of the newsletter that I already send out, but that is getting longer by the day.

Let me know if you would like to be on the new list, and I will let you know what we all decide.  Your suggestions will be welcomed, and I would love you to be on the new email list.



If you would like to join a studio class  – keeping in mind I only am allowed three persons per class given the size of the room (I have checked with a friendly policeman), please email me.  I only have a few places left.  Monday nite which I advertised this week already has only one vacancy.  This could be made for you!….

All the details with regards to classes, pricing and props are available on the drop downon the home page under CLASSES.


I am off to get my Pendulum Boards printed… see you soon.