Good morning Yogis,

I hope you are all well, keeping happy, keeping busy.  Yesterday Woodend ran out of Vitamin C entirely.. no powder, no tablets, no fizzy… nothing.  If any of you are having the same problem let me know, and I will pass on where I can get them.  Because it is raining and I can’t sweep leaves to relax, I am making soft, wildly colourful masks.  How are you keeping busy and calm?


How are you managing with yesterdays meditations?

Here is a new “breath”.


Breathe gently through the nose AND THE MOUTH.  At first put all your attention on the INHALE.  As in every breath we take, exhaling is most important and should be done as slowly as possible, and as delicately as possible.   No force used.   Notice everything that is going on in the body whilst you slow your inhale as much as you can.  As thoughts and feeling arise, exhale them in a calm and purposeful manner – acknowledging as you do this that no emotion is permanent.

Now pay attention to the EXHALE.  Keep the breath slow, soft and even.

As you slowly exhale imagine the whole world being your body (or your body as the world).  Perceive every organ and all of your senses.

This state of awareness will soon flow through the entire body.  Sit, practising this exercise for ten minutes.


Keep well, keep happy.