Dear Yogis,

The week is half done, and things are coming back to an “almost” normal whatever that was.  It is hard to remember, plus we still have the covid requirements to pay attention to, and students who have been vaccinated three times are still coming down with covid.  Just “a bad case of flu” symptoms, but still unpleasant.  How would you know if you had it?  Seems that children now are the carriers, and “career grandparents” are the ones among our students who have got a second and sometimes third infections even after the three vaccinations.

Remember Bach Therapies are a risk-free system of self-healing and therefore available to everyone.  You just have to use it.  Doing the Bach Course and/or joining in the Tuesday Zoom sessions is not just theory – you can use it to help yourself and your family. Just because it is simple does not mean it is not powerful.    Bach’s vision was that the Flower Remedies would one day find their way into the medicine chest of every household.  Please make a booking (zoom or in the studio) and start your journey today.  I am going to start a new bach Class soon.

STUDIO YOGA: Mon. 1pm, Wednesday 5.30 (Restorative), Friday 5.30
ZOOM: Monday 6.30 Gita, Tuesday 7.30 Herbal Workshop, Friday 6.45 Tarot.


I have just finished a small booklet of BOOZY RECIPES.  How to infuse vodkas, make easy, easy ferments (Garlic in honey is my favourite) , and terrific teas.  If you are going to have to stay home, you might as well enjoy it.

There are always more to include. However, the next booklet will be about drying, making teas, edible flowers and how to prepare them and recipes, and so on.  There are always recipes you forget and later say “why did I not remember that one…? ”  There is always one more, and I can’t fit them all in.  I only put in recipes I use all the time and love. If you have a question, I can usually answer it because I have made the recipes many times. They are ALL easy, and no special equipment required – even your children can help.

As Dr.Edward Bach (Bach Flower Remedies) said ” The things that count are simple”.

You can download your copy now for only $5 on        At that price you can collect each one as it comes along and put in a folder.  However, I can bind it and post it if you would prefer a hard copy, but this will cost $20 which includes binding, packaging and postage.

We are back at the studio, so I WILL SEE YOU ON THE MAT.