Dear Yogis,

What a strange time we are in.  Today is the anniversary (for me) of The Ash Wednesday Bushfire in 1983.  I lost my house, and lots more – I gained a different life, but it has been quite different.  We always get what we ask for… even when we can’t see around corners, and can’t really see the ramifications of that desire.

Speaking of “desire” – I had a thought that it might be a good idea to have a second IonKi Cleanse machine, just in case something happened to the one I have.  It is quite popular, and I would be hamstrung if it died.  It would take a while to get another…  As always I have to be careful what I think, because yesterday another machine turned up.  A student had one in their garage which wasn’t being used and she thought I might like it.  Many thanks. I do.

Things have changed since this model was put on the market.  Mine is quite different and miniature in comparison (I could pop it in my handbag), however, it is good to have a backup, and this older model comes with a far-infrared massage belt which I have not yet experimented with. I will let you know how it goes.  I am a devoted fan.  I can only have one every three days for maximum benefit.  If I feeling out of sorts this is a good go to.  I recently hurt my back lifting carelessly and this was better than anything I have used in bringing me back to painfree upright position if you know what I mean.  Good for sleeplessness, and lots of other things – as I said, I am a fan.  Wouldn’t recommend it if I wasn’t, if I didn’t use it myself.  In concert with a Bach Remedy I am kept on track.


Today I am going to strain my Vodkas and wines which have been infusing with walnut.  They are “walnutty” enough, and I will leave them to mellow with spices.

Nothing will be wasted and I will use the walnuts I have strained with a few extra to make “Dickens Brown Sauce”, a walnut sauce mentioned in the writing of Charles Dickens who could be called the world’s first “LITERARY FOODIE” (with a passion for brown sauce and gravy).  He also mentions pickled walnuts a number of times in a number of novels.  I love them too, but you have to catch the walnuts really early to make these well.  As Dickens says you have to be able to push a fork right through the walnuts to properly cure them.

doesn’t have to mean living poorly.  I have a wide and varied menu, enjoy my days, and don’t scrimp, but I do live simply.  It is a DANGEROUS MINISTRY,  fraught with temptations, frustrations, decisions and moral choices that most people don’t ever, and will never consider.

First – oppose advertising.  You can’t help it being all around, but you don’t have to live by its admonitions.  Join the happy revolt against the advertising machine.
Second – wait for God to bring you what you need, and don’t pine for what you WANT. This discipline will end impulse buying.  If you are relying on the universe, you needn’t think of “things”. See the paragraph above about the ION-KI machine.
Third – remind yourself it is all about the QUALITY of life not the quantity of life.  Discover music, art, good friends, and the value of solitude and silence.
Fourth – Make your recreation healthy, happy and gadget free.  For instance, you don’t need lycra and fancy props to come to yoga.  At home encourage co-operative games and fun. Why must “winning” be the goal.
Fifth – learn to eat sensibly and sensitively.  Reject chemical filled products, learn to forage, to cook, to make and to mend.  Eat out less and enjoy the food in your garden.  Nothing is faster “fast food” than an apple.

STUDIO YOGA: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5.30 (restorative) and Friday 5.30
ZOOM: Monday 6.30 Gita (fun), Tuesday HERBAL WORKSHOP 7.30 (includes Bach Remedies), Friday 6.45 Tarot.

I will see you on the mat